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English books - Novel - E Love CH-8 Disappointment

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Today , as Anjali arrived in the office she took her seat and started the computer. After the computer is booted she started chatting program and checked whether there are some offline messages. There were none. Emotions of disappointment could be seen on her face. She started going through the reports kept on her table, in order to divert her mind. It was Sharwari who was smiling while observing her movements minutely, who was sitting right across her. While going through the reports Anjali realized the thing; she glanced to caught her smiling-

" Why are you smiling so sweetly dear?'' Anjali asked.

Sharwari quickly and swiftly changed her expressions and wore a serious face.
" No.. no ... I am not smiling"

Suddenly a computer buzzer rang and Anjali looked at the monitor in anticipation. Realizing there is nothing which she was expecting again she pretended to read the reports.

" It's since two days... whenever the chatting buzzer rings you look at it leaving everything .. Are you expecting somebody's message or mail?" Sharwari asked.

" No ... no ... nothing important" Anjali said still going through the reports, probably to avoid the direct eye contact.

Again the buzzer rang. Again she looked at the monitor with anticipation, and this time she turned to the computer, moving her revolving chair.

" This must be Vivek's message" Sharvari said, again trying to tease her.

“ Which Vivek?" Anjali asked, pretending her ignorance.

" Which Vivek?... the one which met you the other day on the chatting " Sharvari also was not in mood to leave her.

" How can you be so sure" Anjali asked, while keying on the keyboard.

" Madam ... its visible from your blushed red face" Sharvari said, smiling at her.

First the expressions of 'catching the theft' came on Anjali's face and then she managed to replace them with angry expressions.

" Will you leave me alone for a while... It's since long I am seeing that you are trying hard to annoy me... Go out and you will find that there are so many jobs pending for you... " Anjali said.

Sharwari smiled, stood up, understanding Anjali's intention and left the cabin. As Sharwari left, Anjali opened Vivek's chat message, which was just arrived.


This Novel in English

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