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English Literature - Novel : Elove CH -5 Meeting

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This Novel in English

It would have been 10 in the morning, when Anjali entered her cabin in hurry, to find Sharwari was busy in looking after the neatness of the cabin. In her absence the sole responsibility of the cabin was left to her.

As Anjali entered the cabin, Sharwari wished her, " Good Morning.."

' Madam ' was the next word about to come though her mouth, but some how she managed to gulp it.

Though Anjali was like a friend to her, at last she was her boss. Most of the time it was awkward for her to behave with her like a friend, in front of the other office bearers at least.

As Anjali passed by her, she tapped enthusiastically on her back, " Hi.. "

Her driver followed her, carrying her suitcase. As Anjali took her seat, driver kept her suitcase on her right and left the cabin.

When Anjali seemed to be comfortable in her seat, Sharwari pushed the appointment diary in front of her, opening the today’s page. Anjali switched on her computer and started to read through the appointments today.

" Meeting .. so early in the morning.. I didn't even settled." Anjali said making a bad face, " But be sure I could not attend the afternoon seminar... Why don't your send Sharmaji"

" Ok.. fine" Sharwari said, star marking the appointment.

" What else we can do... we can't say plainly no to these people ... and in the absence of time I even can't attend them... really it's not easy to head an institution" Anjali said.

Anjali opened her suitcase and started removing the papers one by one, having a look at them while removing.
Keeping one of the paper aside she said, " Look... tender work of this company is still incomplete... please send this paper to Mr. Kulkarni..."

" Mr. Kulkarni is on leave today" Sharwari

" But as per my information he was on leave till yesterday..." Anjali said, with irritation.

" That's right... But .. just half an hour before he ringed up ... telling that he could not come today too" Sharwari said.
"Why? Why can't he come?" Anjali was angry now.

" I asked, when he phoned, but he disconnected without telling anything"

" Kulkarni... this Kulkarni is such a irrisponsible man..." Anjali said cursing him, trying to control her anger.

And then Anjali's loose her temper and started cursing everything. She was continuously speaking. Sharwari was quite sure and knew what to do, when Anjali keep on cursing and talking like this. Nothing, just keep on listing and ignoring her curses, without reacting. Anjali herself told her once that when our boss looses his temper, like this, he just keeps on cursing and talking to relieve his stress. It is one of the stress relieving techniques. While our boss is out of temper and the secretary who reacts or asks him questions in between, in fact increases his stress more, and that secretary is considered to be the most unsuccessful secretary.

By now Anjali seemed to be calmed down. She picked up her files and papers and stood up to leave for the meeting. Sharwari also stood up.
Before leaving she looked at her glowing monitor and said, " Will you please check my mails please... I am leaving for the meeting" and Anjali stared to leave the cabin.

" Personal mails too?'' Sharwari asked her, teasing her playfully.

" You know ... there is nothing personal... And whatever is there.. you know everything... " Anjali replied back, looking at her with the same naughty stance, and left for the meeting.

... contd..

This Novel in English

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  2. i love that techniques too. haha. cursing and talking to relieve my stress..:P