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English Literature - Novel ELove - CH- 7 Blank Reply

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Sharwari was working on computer in Anjali's cabin. Ajali came back in the cabin, finishing her early morning meeting. She looked into the watch, it was around 12 in the afternoon. Pulling back her revolving chair, she almost thrown herself in it, and adjusted the rear of the chair to relax. Sharwari glanced at her, sensing her presence and again resumed her work.
" Any special mail?" Anjali asked without looking at Sharwari.
" No.. nothing special... there was one... as usual Tom boy's mail" Sharwari said sarcastically.
" Tom Boy... I have never seen such a bore person in my whole life...Did you? " Anjali asked.
" Sometimes but not constant to this extent...." Sharvari replied.
It seemed, Anjali and Sharwari must had a prolonged talk over 'Tom Boy'.
" And yes... there is one more... from some one called 'Vivek'" Anjali added.
" Vivek... yes must be the same chap... met on the chatting... I tell you... what he would have written... I bet ... the first question would be What is your age... next ... what is your address... next... my age is so and so... my adress is so and so... And slowly he would come to the point... All males are like this only... "
" He had written nothing ... as you are assuming ... " Sharwari interrupted her.
" No?... then he must have recommended some product from some company... so that we would buy the product and he would earn the commission..." Anjali said.
" No... nothing like that also" Sharwari said.
" Then?... Then what has he written?" Anjali asked curiously, turning towards Sharwari, to look at the monitor.
" He has written nothing... He has sent a blank mail... and at the bottom he has mentioned his name as 'Vivek' " Sharwari said.
Suddenly Anjali sat right.
" Let me see" Now she approached Sharwari, pushing her revolving chair towards her.
Sharwari opened the desired mail from Anjali's mailbox. Really it was blank!
" Anjali ... you believe it or not... the boy has style..... at least he is different from the other boys... " Sharwari said, trying to get Anjali's opinion.
" Will you shut up please? .... And what is that Boy.. different boy... boy with style... Did you know who is he?... Where does he belong? ... What is his age?... May be some crazy old man punk ... You know now a days people personalize themselves on internet ..."
" Ya.. .that's true... but don't worry... I will do his cyber investigation.. right now... " Sharwari said, keying some keyboard keys and mouse clicks swiftly.
Within seconds a report appeared on the monitor.
" Here you see .. his name is mentioned as only 'Vivek' ... surname is not mentioned... Staying at Mumbai and persuing PHD... and the age is..." Sharwari took a purposeful pause.
Anjali was also seemed to be curious and was waiting for Sharwari to disclose the details about the age.
" PHD?... then must be over 45... Didn't I tell you before?"
" And his age is 25 years" Sharwari said, as if disclosing some long waited climax.
" So... What to do now?" Sharwari said trying to tease her.
" The one who wanted to give the message...
They had given it...
The heart seems to be beating badly on the other side.
Now it's your turn to express... "
"Wow what a shayari... " Sharwari said, praising herself.
Anjali simply kept quite.
" So what to do next... come on tell me quickly" Sharwari was not ready to leave her.
" Nothing much.. just delete the mail" Anjali said carelessly, at least pretending so.
" No... No... don't be so cruel.... ok will do one thing... will reply a blank message to the blank mail"
Before Anjali could say anything Sharwari operated the keyboard and mouse with her swift finger movements and replied the blank mail with a blank reply.

... contd..


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