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This Novel in English

As Anjali opened Vivek's chatting message, she realized that her heartbeats are increased. She was surprised of her own uneasy state.

She couldn’t stop herself to read the message as quickly as possible,
" Hi, Good morning... How are you?"

Her fingers were about to move on the keyboard to reply back, but somehow she managed to held herself back, thought for a while.
Am I involving in all this unnecessarily?...

She made herself sure and then typed cautiously,
" Fine.."

Again she found her fingers restless to click on the send button. But she controlled them, and counted till hundred in her mind and then clicked on the send button. She didn't want her restlessness to be caught by him.

" Yesterday I was out of station" The message came from other side.

As if it was an answer to the question revolving in Anjali's mind - 'Yesterday... Why didn't you show up on the chatting?'

Was he able to read her mind?...
Or is he a mind reader?...
Anjali thought.

" I see" she expressed her reaction dryly.

" Are you not going to ask something more?'' He asked.

She was purposefully delaying for the responses. But his messages were coming impulsively, as if he was typing them before getting her messages.

" Why don't you ask?" She replied.

She was feeling as if she was on a first date.

" And yes... the other day what happened you know?... I wanted to send you a mail but I didn't know much about you... And I couldn't stop myself to send you mail.. so I sent you a blank mail... "

Then, taking a lead he asked, " Ok.. what do you do? ... I mean education or job?"

" I have completed B.E in computer engineering... and right now I am Managing Director of G.H. Informatics... the company owned by me... " She sent.

She knew, it was very dangerous to provide the real information, specially during the initial chatting sessions, but she could not stop, as if she was typing without having control over her fingers.

" My God!" He responded.

" Would you mind if I ask you your age?... No.. I mean... I have read somewhere that ladies doesn’t like if their age is asked.... " He asked cautiously.

'' 23 years" She replied.

" Yes.. I knew it... In fact I had searched it from your mail-id .. frankly speaking ... when you disclosed that you are MD.. in fact an image of an aged lady, around 45-50, came into my mind.. " Now he was talking quite freely.

She was smiling over his overall humorous nature. And knowing that he had searched about her through search engine, she felt that he is equally serious about her.

" You haven't told your age yet'' She asked.

" I have provided my real age in my mail-id information... " His reply came.

From his reply she knew that he is definitely different.

... contd..

This Novel in English

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  1. Very interesting ...............

  2. the story is simple.

  3. I liked the novel very much and I want to know the author. Does anyone knows how to contact with the author?

  4. This writter is quite anticipate and have good sense of humour as he wrote all movement and theire expression though.

  5. Hey its amazing that i too gone through these events same as it is . i just cant believe this...


  7. its really interesting and humorous novel