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Fiction books - Novel - Elove : CH-6 : What about the mail?

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Early in the morning, Vivek was walking fast on the road carrying a bag; he seemed to be in hurry.

His friend Johnny followed him almost running and chasing him, “ Hey listen... Where are you going?”

Vivek looked behind, and ignoring his friend continued further.

“ Hey are you eloping away with some girlfriend or what? “ Johnny doubted looking at his doubtful hurried movements, and as he was not stopping.

Johnny was still running behind him, trying to reach him.

“ What a nuisance ... I even can’t go out for few days.. “ Vivek was muttering under his breath, without stopping.

“ Just going out for two days” Vivek said aloud, still walking ahead.

“ Wait a minute... there is an urgency...” Johnny said.

Vivek stopped and Johnny ran to reach him.

“ Come on... be quick... what’s so urgent?’’ Vivek asked him with annoyance, as Johnny reached him.

“ So... What happened yesterday?” Johnny asked.

“ About what?’’

“ The same thing... about the mail... Did you send the mail?” Johnny asked him putting his hand around Vivek’s shoulder.

“ What an idiot fellow your are!... You even don’t have a sense of what you are talking ... and what time you are talking .. Here I am getting late for my bus and you are talking about the useless mail...” Vivek said, in irritation, pushing back his hand from his shoulder.

Vivek now continued to walk further, picking up more speed.

“ What you are talking?... you know... MAIL is always important than BUS ... Now you tell me Hawra Mail, Rajdhani Mail... these are big or your kiddy Bus...” Johnny was still following him.
Now Vivek knew that there was no use of arguing with him. Without speaking a word he simply kept on walking further. He was speeding up trying to get rid of him and Johnny was still chattering and walking with him.

... contd..

This Novel in English

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