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Fiction literature Books - Novel - E Love : CH 12 Hotel Oberoi

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This Novel in English

Vivek was sitting on a computer in a cyber cafe. When he opened his Google mail account with magic movements of his fingers, he saw Anjali's mail arrived. His face beamed up with happiness. Without wasting much time, he double clicked on the mail, opened it and started reading through it -

"Vivek ... on 25th I am coming to Mumbai, in connection with a business meeting ... around 12.30 I will be reaching hotel Oberoi... there would be meeting at around 1.00, and it would be finished by 3.00 or 4.00 ... I will wait for you at Versova beach at 5 sharp... Bye for now.. .take care"

Vivek read the mail, stood up and victoriously cried, "Yess..."
He cried so loudly and impulsively that other people working around in the cafe looked at him with surprise and astonishment. When he realized it, he blushed and sat down.

Now he tried to concentrate on his research. He gave some search strings related to his research topic on the search engine. But he was not able to concentrate. He was feeling impatient, when the days would pass, when the desired day would dawn, when he would go to Mumbai and when he would at last meet her at Versova beach. He was feeling urged to meet her as soon as possible. 'Versova beach' he tried to recollect about the place. He knew that the place belongs to Mumbai, but the exact picture of the place was not coming to his mind, because he never visited it. Suddenly a search string 'Versova Beach' formulated in his mind, which he gave on the Google. So many links to photos, maps, information regarding Versova beach appeared. He opened the railway and road maps and finalized the route to would take on the desired day. As the task finished again he felt vacuum in his mind. What to do next. His mind was not ready to think over the other thoughts in which she was not there. Therefore he decided to open her old mails and surf through her attached photos. As he went through the mails he glanced through the dates, which indicated that the affaire was not that old. Today it was almost one month old. But he never felt that they are new to each other. He always felt that she is her old friend, a part of his old life. As per the mail contents they have sent each other they have well formed each other’s image in each other’s mind. By this time they were well aware of the nooks and hooks of each others nature.

“ Would she be exactly what I have imagined? Or would she be different?
A thought ran through his mind.

Or when we would meet ... one who is totally strange... one who is absolutely unfamiliar would have stood in front of me...

He was thinking while going through one of her digital album.

All those doubts would be cleared once for all ... once we would meet...
He thought.
Suddenly he sensed somebody’s presence behind him. He turned around to find Johny smiling at him naughtily.

“ So... whats’ up ? ...” He said pointing at his zip, to tease and irritate him.

“ Oh.. when did you come?” Vivek asked him trying to hide his confused looks.

“I thought why to disturb you when you are so deeply involved in your PHD topic” Johny said giving a little more stress on the world ‘PHD’

“ When did you come... its not good to peek in others private things.. you don’t have that much sense” Vivek said pretending dislike.

“ It’s almost half an hour I stood behind you..... after marriage, it seems ,definitely you are going to forget us” Johny said again try to tease him.

“ Aree No yaar... How could it happen?... At least I would not be able to forget you” Vivek said pretending to hit him in the stomach.

... contd..

This Novel in English

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