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Fiction Literature Library - Novel - E Love: CH-11: Meeting

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As days passed by, their mailing went on increasingly. The lengths and breadths of their mails went on increasing. Sending photos, sending jokes, sending puzzles...they were having so many reasons to send emails. Gradually Anjali realized that she was falling in love with him. But neither Vivek nor Anjali ever expressed it. With every mail, with every sentence of the mail, with every photo, they were sharing every aspect of their personalities. And Anjali found herself more and more attracted and immersed in his love. She never stopped herself; in fact she was enjoying the immersing rather than controlling herself. But as far as expressing love is concerned she was cautious. She had a good reason, that she still has not seen him. It was not the case that she was unaware of his love. But maybe he was also equally cautious, maybe with the same reason that he had also not yet met her.

Will he avoid me after meeting personally...

A slightest thought came to her mind, which she immediately shook off. Because she was confident of her.

Anjali was busy in chatting on her machine and Sharwari was sitting across her table.
While reading a message, came on the monitor, Anjali said,

" Sharwari... look .. what he has sent"

Sharwari got up from her chair and joined Anjali, standing right behind her, looking at the monitor. These days they often used to exchange some things or the other. And Sharwari also always liked to enjoy their 'lovely' communications. There was a dancing Chinese baby on the monitor. They exchanged a sweet smile. Suddenly the baby started to pee while dancing, when both of them laughed loudly.

" Where did he search these stuff ?" Anjali said.

" Ya .. that's true... I search the internet most of the time but I never came across this animation" Sharwari affirmed.

When they were busy exchanging sweet comments about Vivek, an aged person knocked the door. Anjali looked at the door and affirmed him to come in. As he came in, Anjali revolved the chair to face him. Sharwari left the cabin. As the man took the seat across her she said,

" Yes Anandji.."

" Madam ... Intel has arranged a meeting with their all collaborator companies... Just now I received their fax... They have sent a venue and the date... and an agenda is also attached with it. " Anandji supplied the information.

" What is the venue? " Anjali asked.

" Mumbai... 25th... that is Monday and the venue is Oberoi hotel" Ananji said, referring the calendar.

Anjali thought over, looking at the calendar,

" OK.. .send the confirmation ... and will you submit all my flight and hotel booking details to Mona please "

" Yes.. sure Madam" Anandji said, standing up.

Anandji left the cabin and Anjali revolved her chair, taking the charge of computer again. Her face was beaming with happiness. Quickly, with swift movements of her fingers, she opened her mailbox and started to type a new mail -

" Vivek... it seems our meeting is destined to happen very soon .. Ask how?... No I won't tell now... there should be some climax... isn't it? .. will send all details in the next mail... Bye for now.. take care... Anjali ☻.."

Anjali immediately send it by pressing the 'send' button. A message appeared on the monitor - 'Mail Sent'

.. contd..

This Novel in English

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