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Anjali was driving the car and Vivek was sitting on the seat next to driving seat. For quite some time they were quiet, occupied in their own thoughts.
In fact Vivek is enthusiastic, smart and good looking than she would have ever thought ... and he is how simple and uncomplicated....
In a way it is better that he has asked the question about marriage in the first meet itself...
In fact asking that question he has made his intentions clear... and he has given her the chance to reciprocate her feeling about him...
Now she was feeling warm about him... She was started to look in him ... her future companion... a friend... who would always accompany her in her joys and grieves...
While thinking she glanced at him. He also looked at her, sharing a sweet smile.
But would he be thinking same about her?...
" When did you study?... I mean... Every time I could see you busy on chatting and on internet" Anjali asked, trying to tease him.
Vivek just smiled, sensing the naughtiness in her words.
“ How is the progress of your company these days ?” Vivek asked.
“ It’s good... Why?... Our company is progressing day by day” Anjali said.
“ No... I thought your continuous presence on chatting and net may have affected the progress” Vivek said, replying her with equal naughtiness.
She just smiled. She was aware and proud of his presence of mind.

Anjali’s car stopped in front of the lavish hotel - Hotel Oberoi. While taking the vehicle to parking section she said, “ Just a minute.. I have forgotten my cell in the hotel room... I will collect it and then we will proceed.... otherwise..” She abruptly stopped and asked, “How about a tea or coffee..” Anjali said getting down the vehicle.
He just shook his head in affirmation. Anjali got down and proceed towards the hotel and Vivek also got down to follow her.



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