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Fiction literature - Novel - ELove : CH-17 Where the hell problem arose?

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Anjali sat on a chair, with worried, gloom face. On her opposite side sat Sharwari, trying to understand Anjali’s mental state. Two days were passed happily, remembering the sweet moments passed with Vivek. But today she was worried.
" Today it is almost three days... There is neither chat message from him nor a single line mail" Anjali expressed her concern.
The one who used to chat many times a day, and used to send so many mails, is quiet from there days. Really it was a thing to worry.
" Is there any contact number?" Sharwari asked.
" Yes there is ... but its a college number... it would not be proper to call for him there" Anjali said.
" Yes .. you are right"
" The real concern is ... did he developed some misunderstanding about me or what? " Anjali asked, as if to self.
Whatever happened in the Hotel was not proper...
May be, because of that Vivek is thinking something wrong about me..
But whatever happened was so spontaneous.. and so sudden...
Nobody ever thought that it would happen...
I would not have called him in the hotel room..
If I would not have called him in the room... this instance would have not been happened in the first place..
Anjali's mind was crowded with thoughts.
“ I don’t think, he is thinking the way you are saying... May be he is not in your contacts due to some other reasons.. like.. he may have gone out of station in regard with some important work...” Sharwari was trying to console her.
From their discussions it was clear that they have had discussed in detail about what happened in the hotel. That way, she always considered her a close friend, well wisher, and always shared with her most of the private things also.
“ It would not have happened if I would not have called him inside the hotel...” Anjali said.
“ Anjali... don’t think too much... its not like that... and you don’t blame yourself.” Sharwari again tried to console her.

Mona stopped Ananji, who was passing by her in hurry.
“ Anandji... have you seen Sharwari?” Mona asked.
“ Yes... she is with Vikas.. Why... What’s wrong?’’ Ananji asked trying to read Mona’s worried face.
“ No.. nothing... Anjali mam has summoned her immediately... Are you going the same side.... Will you please pass on the message... It seems there is some urgent work” Mona said.
“ sure... As I reach, the first thing I will do it” Ananji said, climbing the steps.
... contd..


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  1. I am liking your novel wery much.
    I am also working woman, I publish scientific papers and wait for my Nobel Prize in June, you will read about it in newspapers.


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