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Fiction suspense thriller literature - Novel - ELove CH-18 What’s wrong ?

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As soon as Sharwari got Ananji’s message, she rushed to Anjali’s cabin. When she entered the cabin, she saw Anjali sitting disappointed lowering and resting her head on the front table.
“ Anjali ... What’s wrong?” Sharwari asked with concern, going to her and caressing gently on her back.
She had never seen her so broken, and that too in office.
What would have happened?...
Sharwari was thingking. Anjali slowly lifted her head, looked at her. Sharwari could sense a sort of heaviness and gloominess in her movements. Her face was also faded away.
Yes, when her father passed away, at that time also she looked similar..
Slowly and heavily moving her face towards monitor she said, “ Sharwari... everything is finished”
Computer monitor was on. Sharwari swiftly moved to the monitor to see what’s on it. She saw an open mail on monitor. When she looked closely, it was Vivek’s mail. She immediately started to read it -

“ Miss Anjali... Hi... I must accept that we had a nice time... I really enjoyed it ... The moments engrossed with happiness and with your love ... I have locked them in my heart... and in my camera too... I am sorry that I have locked them in my camera without your permission... Actually the moments were so worthy that I could not control my temptation.... You may not be believing me ... aren’t you?... look ... herewith I am sending one of those photographs... There are so many such moments .. which I have locked in my camera and my heart... I am thinking of publishing them on Internet... How do you feel the idea... an absolute genius ... isn’t it? ... But you may not like it... Yes.... if you wish I can burry those moments permanently in the depth of my heart... But for that you may be required to count on some very negligible price... You know ... there is some fixed prescribed value for everything... isn’t it?... I am not asking much.. just 50 lakhs... a negligible amount for you.. And yes... Arrange the money as immediately... I will mail you later regarding the time and the place of the dispatch...

For this mail I apologies you from the depth of my heart... But you know ... to achieve some thing you must sacrifice something ... Await for my next mail... AND YES... I very much fear about the police... And when I fear, I don’t have control over the things I do... and the thing I may do can Even be the murder...

... Yours.. only yours... Vivek”

After reading the mail Sharwari felt like the ground from her feet is skipped. She was quiet as if her whole body became numb. Even such thing could happen; she was not able to believe it. What she thought about Vivek. And What he proved to be.
“ Oh my God... He is a big fraud... I just can’t believe it..” words emitted from Sharvari’s open mouth.
Sharwari clicked on the photo link attached with the mail. It was Anjali’s and Vivek’s photo togather, while making out, at the extreme point of excitement.
“ But how did he take this photo?” Sharwari expressed her doubt and astonishment.
“ He knew .. well in advance .. when I was going to mumbai... where I was going to stay... etc..” Anjali said.
“ It’s a clear cut Blackmailing” Sharwari said angrily, tightening her fists.
“ I am still not able to believe ... such a dirty intentions behind his innocent looking face.” Anjali said with grief.
“ At least we came to know the truth before the marriage.. Otherwise God knows what would have happened.” Sharwari said.
“ I am not worried about the money... In fact I am feeling bad about the deceit ...” Anjali said.
“ Let’s assume ... for an instance ..that we pay him the money... But what is the guarantee that he would keep quiet after getting the money...” Sharwari expressed her doubt.
Anjali just looked at her face with terror, as she didn’t have the explanation to his doubt.
“ I think you must try to convince him sending a mail... and if still he is firm on his demand... don’t worry... we will find some way” Sharwari said trying to console her.

... contd..


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