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Anjali was sitting on her chair, immersed in her thoughts. Her faced seemed to be worried. Probably she would have never thought the type of u-turns she had to face in her life. She had booted her computer and the monitor was still glowing, but she didn’t feel interest in doing anything, neither mailing nor chatting. She checked her official mails and again lost in the things happened in past few days. Her chain of thoughts was broken by a computer buzzer. She looked at the monitor. It was a chatting message - ‘ Hi ... Miss Anjali’
Her heart beat skipped, it was Vivek’s message.
She felt her heart pounding like anything. But the reason this time was not as usual.. it was totally different. She kept on looking at the message. She was not sure, what to do next, when Sharwari came in. Anjali signaled her about ‘his’ message. Sharwari immediately left the cabin, as if decided according to the preplan. Anjali was still looking at the message, trying to compose the thoughts going on in her mind.
‘ Anjali come on... acknowledge your presence’ Vivek’s message came again.
‘ Yes’ Anjali typed and quickly pressed on the ‘send’ button.
The first time Anjali felt shivers in her fingers.
‘ I am sending all the details in the mail’ Vivek’s message came.
‘ But after paying you 50 lakhs what’s the guarantee that you would not blackmail again?” Anjali asked the genuine question, going on her mind.
Vivek sent a smiling face icon from other side. This time Anjali sensed more guile than the smile in that face.
‘ Look .... the world works on the faith... you have to keep faith in me... and you have no other choice...’ Vivek’s message came from other side.
And it was true.. she didn’t have any alternative than to keep faith in him...
Anjali was thinking of how to reply his message, when the next message arrived.
‘ OK then bye... this is our last conversation.. take care ... yours... and only yours Vivek’
As the session ended, Anjali kept staring at the message. And suddenly what she thought, don’t know, she operated the computer by giving few key strokes and few mouse clicks. There was her open mailbox in front of her. As she anticipated and Vivek had told her, his mail was already there. Without loosing any time she opened it.

In the mail, where and how to send the money was given in detail. He also didn’t forget to warn her to not to go to police. Anjali glanced at her wrist watch. There were still four more hours to send the money to the prescribed place. She took a deep breath and inhaled slowly. Probably she was trying to reduce the pressure on her mind. That way, four hours were much more for her. In fact she had already arranged the asked ransom, even the bundles were packed in the suitcase. As she was staring at the mail, she realized that there is some attachment sent with the mail. She opened the attachment. It was a photograph in JPG format. She opened the photograph.
It was her photograph with Vivek - engaged in a deep kiss.

.. contd..


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