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Best fiction books - Elove -ch-30 Don't worry we have a solution

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Best fiction books - Elove -ch-30 Don't worry we have a solution

Anjali was waiting for Vivek on Versova beach and behind the rocks were Atul and Alex, fixing their cameras on her and they too waiting for Vivek to arrive. After some time Vivek also came. They saw some sort of interaction between Anjali and Vivek, as they were not able to hear but were able to see through the focusing camera lenses. They started taking snaps one after the other. Within some span of time Anjali and Vivek were comfortably mixed with each other and were walking along the beach holding each other's hands. Here behind the rocks Atul and Alex were also moving ahead taking there snaps.

It was getting dark and suddenly they saw Vivek pulled Anjali in her tight embrace and held her up. Here the speed of snaps increased. Bust still they were not satisfied, as they did't got their poses they were anticipating.

Anjali's car stood at Hotel Oberoi. The taxi following their car also stopped keeping some safe distance. Anjali got down out of the car and headed for the hotel and Vivek also followed her. Atul looked at Alex with a meaningful stance, smiled, and they also followed them taking care that they will not be noticed by them.

Anjali and Vivek reached the hotel suit and the suit door got closed. Atul and Alex, following them, hurried and went to their closed door. Alex tried the door to open, but it was latched from inside.
" Now we are going to stand her as their guard or what?" Alex murmured in annoyance.
"Don't worry we have a solution" Atul said, assuring him.

Alex was observing the suit from the keyhole...
Inside the room, while picking up the phone cradle Anjali's hand slightly touched Vivek’s. When she stretched her other hand to dial the number, this time also it touched him. This time Vivek could not control himself; he gently held her extended hand in his. She blushed and smiled looking at him. He held her hand firmly and pulled her in his embrace. Everything was happening fast. Her lips started shuddering. Vivek also rested his warm and impatient lips on hers. Vivek immediately picked up her in his strong arms and lied her down on the bed aside....

Alex was observing thorough the keyhole, for this long time and that to without complaining. Atul got doubtful. He pulled aside Alex's head from the keyhole and he himself peeked in...

Inside the room, Vivek bent on her and he was kissing her neck as if murmuring something in her ears. Slowly his strong manly hand started to play with her delicate body. And she also responded by clinging tightly to him. He started to remove the cloths one by one on her body. ...

Alex waited for a while for Atul to remove his head from the keyhole, but he was not ready to miss the scene going on inside. Lastly Alex forcefully removed his head from the keyhole and said, " My dear friend ... in this way we are not going to earn our bread and butter"
Atul, who was lost in the scene inside, came to his conscious.
" But how you are going to photograph them?" Alex asked the question of real concern.
"Don't worry we are equipped with technology" Atul reassured him and removed a cable like thing from his pocket. He attached one end of it to the camera and inserted the other end inside the room through keyhole.
"What is this?" Alex asked.
" This is special camera my dear" Atul said and started to take snaps inside the room.

... contd..


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