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English literature novels books - ENovel - CH-29 You are genius

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English literature novels books - ENovel - CH-29 You are genius

It was almost midnight. Lights were off in Atul’s room. But there was faint light in the room, which was of the computer monitor, which was being operated by Atul in the corner. Atul was totally engrossed in doing something on the computer. Around him, every where littered were plates , empty , partially empty coffee mugs, glasses, and a more than half empty whisky bottle. Exactly behind him was Alex, slept with legs and hands spread around on the bed. In the midnight silence Atul was operating fast on the computer, and there was a specific sound of the keyboard, breaking that silence in the room. Behind Atul was Alex stirring and turning around trying to sleep. He seemed to be disturbed by the keyboard noise. Lastly when it became unbearable he got up,
“ Hey.. what’s going on?... Its since last 8 days I could see you are continuously making this noise day in and day out... Why don’t you let me sleep? ... Due to this noise I am on the verge of getting mad you know...”
Atul kept quiet, still operating on the computer.
“ OK... Let me know what you are doing... will you?... What is that work .. which is going on since last 8 days.. let me know” Alex said, going to Atul.
“ I am breaking Vivek’s and Anjali’s password.. I have broken Anjali’s... not it’s Vivek’s turn... “ Atul said, without looking at him, still continuing on computer.
“ I can understand.. that you are breaking the passwords... but what about my head, which is on the verge of breaking ... due to this annoying noise” Alex again went to his bed.
He was least bothered about whose password is broken and whose not. He was only concerned about the money. Alex pulled a sheet over his face; still he was not able to get rid of that noise. So he tried to cover his ears with the pillow, but in vain. Lastly he tore the pillow in the corner, pulled some cotton from it, and crammed into his ears.

Now it was around 3 O’ Clock in the morning, still Atul’s work on the computer was going on restless. Behind him, Alex seemed to be managed somehow to sleep, as he was in deep sleep.
Suddenly, while working on the computer, Atul get up victoriously and happily, “ Yess.. ya hoo.. I have done it”
He cried so loudly that Alex, who was sleeping, woke up startled, “ What’s wrong? ... What’s wrong” Fearfully he was asking Atul.
“ Come on .. Cheers Alex... We have got a key to the treasure ... look here” Atul said holding Alex’s hand, and pulling him to computer.
Alex came with him, though uninterested, and looked at the monitor.
“ Look I have broken Vivek’s password too and look the mail sent by Anjali in his mail box” Atul was trying to attract his attention to an open mail.
The mail opened on the monitor was Anjali’s mail sent by her to Vivek and it read –
“ Vivek... on 25th of this month, 12 PM I am coming to Mumbai, in connection with a meeting... 12.30 I will reach Hotel Oberoi... And then getting fresh I will attend the meeting which is scheduled at 1. ... Meeting will be over by 3.. 4 at the most... You meet me on Versova beech by 5 .. sharp 5.. Bye for now.. take care”

“ Come on... now we have to get ready to shift our camp to Mumbai...” Atul said to Alex, getting up.
Alex looked at Atul with disbelief. Now he was getting, what Atul was doing on computer since 8 days, and how it was connected to their intention.
“ Hey Atul... you are genius” Now Alex was beaming up with enthusiasm.

.. contd..


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