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Fiction book - Novel -ELove CH-25 Round of applause

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Fiction book - Novel -ELove CH-25 Round of applause

Anjali and Sharwari were sitting across each other in the coffe house taking small-small swigs, engrossed in the world of their own thoughts. There was an eerie silence between them. At last Anjali broke the silence,
“Its exactly 2 days since there is no mail from him”
“ May be he has got doubt” Sharwari said.
“ It seems” Anjali said with a tense sigh.
“ I was sure this time that we could catch him.. but now I am getting worried if we would be able to catch him ever” Anjali said.
“ And yes... he getting doubtful is equally dangerous... If he publish all photos on the internet, then our plan would fail fruitless.... and in addition to that the disgrace carried would be different”
Anjali just nodded, still engrossed in her thoughts.
“ It was necessary to catch him at once... otherwise our plan would fail” Anjali said.

....Due to the rounds of applause going on in the hall Anjali came out of her thoughts, looked around. Bhatiaji’s speech was over and he was returning to the chair kept next to her’s. She looked at him and smiled, as if appreciating his speech, in fact the unheard speech. Anchor again took the charge of the mike and announced,
“ Now I invite Managing Director of G.H. Informatics... the IT woman of this year Miss Anjali Anjulkar for award distribution”
Ajali stood up and came forward. Again people started to applause.
“ So now we will turn our attention to the main attraction of the today’s function - the prize distribution...” Anchor declared.

" As all of you knew ... when we declared about the contest, we got tremendous response from the interested participants... Across the country we got about three thousand applications... In the first phase of filtration we have sorted only 50 applications ... And now the applications we have sorted in the final phase are only three... But before we know about those three we have to wait for some time... because first we are going to distribute some encouragement prizes. "

Without wasting much time the anchor called the candidates one by one on the stage and Anjali handed over the prizes. As the encouragement prizes were over enthusiasm could be again seen in the crowd.
" Now the time has come to disclose the names of those three fortunate candidates... no... not fortunate ... I must correct myself and say the capable candidates... first of all I would like to declare the name of candidate who has bagged the third prize.. " Anchor took a pause to increase people's curiosity, " As all of you know the third prise is 1 lakh rupees cash and memento... so the third prize ... Mr. Amol Rathod from Jaipur... please come on the stage..."

There was a huge round of applause in the hall. A thin, slim young boy of 20-22 years of age and light complexion stood from one of the first ten rows and started to go on the stage. Looking at him no body would have anticipated that he is capable of bagging the third prize ... but he was walking with tremendous confidence. Amol Rathod reached the stage and accepted the award with equal confidence, shaking his hand with Anjali. There was sufficient media presence in the hall. While accepting the award cameras flashed on them like sudden lightning.

Again in the hall people clapped one more round of applause. As Amol Rathod returned back from stage to his seat, anchor went forward to announce name of the next prizewinner.
“Second prize is 1.5 lakhs cash and memento... so the third prize goes to... Miss Anagha Deshpande from Pune... Anagha Deshpande please come on the stage..."
Again huge round of applause sounded in the hall. A fair, tall, slim lady, around 20-21 years of age went on the stage. Anjali was looking at the girl with proud, probably because she was also a lady. Anagha went to Anjali. Anjali handed over her the prize and hugged her, showing her appreciation. Again the cameras were flashing like lightning.

... contd..


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