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Fiction Books - Novel - ELove CH-22 Briefcase

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In a thick dense forest there were tall grown trees all around. And under the trees were the dry leaves, spread around everywhere. From the narrow alleys formed by the trees grown on both sides, a car with dark window glasses, was running taking sharp snaky turns. Due to running of the car over the dry leaves, a peculiar crushing sound was being created. At last the car stopped at one of the tree. A driver’s window glass slid down slowly. Now Anjali was visible, sitting at the driving seat, wearing dark glasses. She stopped the car engine and looked at the sign carved on the trunk of the tree.
She must have made herself sure about the tree..
She glanced all around. Till the far end, as her site goes, there was no visible sign of the living being. Making sure that there is nobody around, she picked up the suitcase kept on the adjacent seat and placed it on her lap. She tapped tentatively on the briefcase few times, as if making the decision firm. Once she was firm about the decision, she quickly threw the briefcase out of the window, in the direction of the tree. She threw it so quickly that, as if she was feared and doubtful of reverting her own decision. ‘Thud’ the sound came, and at the same time the crushing sound of the dry leaves came.
Now my job is finished...
Now I am free from the whole thing, the whole painful episode...
She thought and exhaled in relief. But the very next moment a thought ran through her mind.
Was I really free from the whole thing...
She again looked around. There was no human activity around. She started the car again, and taking the sharp turn she drove off. As if leaving the place was important to her and was equivalent to escape from the whole painful things.

As the car drove off, there was a human movement on the top of one of the trees nearby. A person wearing leaf colored cloths came into action. He spoke in the same leaf colored wireless.
“ Sir every thing is clear... you can proceed.”
While talking on the wireless he was alertly looking around to make sure that the car is not returned.
“ Every thing is clear sir... Confirming again” He spoke again in the wireless.
As the man sitting on the top of the tree signaled, down on the ground some activity was seen in the huge heap of the dry leaves, lying beside the tree trunk. First a car starting sound came, and then protruding through the dry leaves heap a dark car came out. The car drove to the place where the briefcase was laid. A person wearing black cloths all around his body, including his head and mouth, came out of the car. He looked around alertly. He glanced over the place where his man was sitting on the top of the tree, and singled him showing the right thumb. The man sitting on the tree also signaled back, indicating that ‘everything is in control’
The man wearing black cloths again looked around, making sure that nobody is watching him, and he gently picked up the briefcase. He placed it on the bonnet of the car and opened it. There were bundles of thousand rupees neatly kept one over the other. His face behind the dark black cloths must have lightened with joy. He picked up one of the bundles and flipped through it. Keeping it back he closed the briefcase, looked up with contentment, singling the man sitting at the top of the tree. The man sat in the car, taking the briefcase with him. He pulled the door to close it, started the engine and drove off with full speed. As if leaving the place was important to him and was equivalent to possessing the money permanently.
.. contd..


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