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It was around 10-15 days since the incidence happened, which troubled, in fact changed Anjali's life so much. Anjali was back, involved into her job as much as possible, in fact to forget about those terrible memories was difficult. In the mean time Anjali have had got a prestigious award in the IT sector - 'IT Women of the year'. In connection with this award so many press people were visiting to her these days. She also liked and wanted to be in the crowd, to deal with her loneliness. Last few days she was the topic of discussion, sometimes in the newspapers and sometimes on the TV channels.

Anjali was sitting in her office. Sharwari was busy on computer, sitting next to her. Undergoing that bad experience, she never felt like sitting on a computer for chatting or mailing. In the free time she simply used to sit idle gazing at void, as if thinking of something. Various thoughts used to crowd in her mind, but immediately she used to shake off them. Now also those thoughts tried to dominate her, but she immediately shook off them and opened the drawer trying to engage herself in the other task. In the drawer she found the heap of cuttings of news paper, carefully collected by her. 'IT women of the year - Anjali Anjulkar' she read the heading of one of the cuttings. She took out the cutting and spread carefully on the table and carefully started to read the news again.
To read this news my father would had to be alive...
A thought crossed her mind.
How proud he would have felt.. about his daughter...
But no body could stand before destiny...
Now look at the recent experience... it's a part of destiny... what else we could say...
She was thinking, when the computer buzzer rang.
It's since long, she had stopped chatting and mailing and she rarely used to get any message...
But today, whose message is it?..
Any well-wisher?...
Or any foe ?...
Nowadays she used to judge the things judging both sides, one bad and one good. Once we get any bad experience, we try to learn from it.
Anjali turned and looked at the monitor.
" It's vivek's" Sharwari informed in concerned voice, who was still sitting on the computer.
Fear and astonishment was clearly visible on Sharwari's face. Same emotions were replicated on Anjali's face too. Anjali immediately got up and went to Sharwari. Sharwari stood up to give her the charge of the computer. Before taking the charge Anjali signaled Sharwari and Sharwari immediately left the cabin.
" Mis Anjali... Hi... How are you" Anjali read the message came from other side.
For a while she pondered over and started to type the reply.
" Fine.." She typed and clicked on the send button.
" I am feeling bad to trouble you again... But what should I do... Money is very bad thing... It finishes even if you use it cautiously... " The message came from other side.
Somewhere at the back of the mind she was expecting it to happen.
" I am badly in need of 20 lakhs this time" The message came from other side
" It's not too long I have given you 50 lakhs... As per our agreement you were not supposed to ask it again... and the fact is I don't have money now..." Anjali typed immediately and send the message.
While typing the message so many thoughts were crossing her mind.
" It's just last time... Because after this I am thinking of leaving the country" The message came from other side.
" You leave the countery ... or whatever you do... it's least of my concern... look.. I don't have the tree which yields money ... " Anjali send the message.
" Ok.. fine... you have to give me at least 10 lakhs this time... Where and how you have to send it ... I will let you know on the mail" The message came from other side.
Anjali was composing the next message to send in her mind, when the chatting session from other side ended. Anjali was staring continuously at the monitor. Though she was looking at the monitor, but there were so many calculations going on at the back of her mind. But suddenly what happened, don't know, she got up and taking long steps left the cabin in hurry.

... contd..


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