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Library of fiction books - Novel- ELove CH-31 Her email

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Library of fiction books - Novel- ELove CH-31 Her email

It was evening. Atul was still working on his computer. Alex stood to his side to look at what was going on on the computer. As Atul sensed Alex's presence, he pressed some combinations of keyboard buttons. A slide show showing photographs appeared on the monitor.

" Look ... these are the photos we have captured ... how do you feel"

Those were Anjali's and Vivek's hot photos, appearing one after the other.

" Great... perfect... just like a professional photographer.." Alex said in appreciation.

" But what we are going to get just looking at these photographs... I think we need to think on further course of action... isn't it..." Alex said sarcastically.
" Don't worry... the further course of action will be taken by this computer only... First of all I will send a mail to Vivek through Anjali's mailbox... then after, your course of action will be started" Atul said.
" Rest assured about my part of work... just tell me after you finish your part..." Alex said.
Atul opened Anjali's mailbox by giving the password, acquired by him by very hard efforts, and started to type the mail -

" Vivek... initially I thought about to write to you or not... but lastly I decided to write... After we met at Mumbai, I returned back and a problem arose here.. That way it's not a problem... but for you I should say it’s a problem... Here at home my relatives, what they thought I don't know, but they have fixed my marriage at once... Initially I was very upset... but then I thought and deeply pondered over it... and lastly came to the conclusion that.. .Whatever they are doing..... Its for my betterment.. and in my best interests... The boy is good, born brought and educated in America... The family is a good match for ours... Now gradually I am getting convinced that, whatever happened between us was as a result of immaturity... Therefore it would be in our best interest to forget about the things, what had happened between us... Probably my relatives came to know about our meeting at Mumbai... Please don't try to meet or contact me, because if you try so, they could take any steps.. Therefore even don't reply to this mail also...Probably my mail box is also being monitored... Take care... that's all what I can say.. Anjali"

Atul typed the mail as if it was typed by Anjali to send to Vivek. After finishing the mail he rechecked it. An eerie smile could be clearly seen on his face, which he was not able to hide. Once he was sure that there is no mistake in the mail, he sent it across and closed Anjali's mailbox.

Vivek was sitting in a cyber cafe. He was doubtful; no in fact he was sure that there must be Anjali's mail in his mailbox. When he opened his mailbox, he saw Anjali's mail in his mailbox. At once, as if a flow of electric current rushed through his body, he opened it. His beaming faced suddenly faded away, as he gone through it. After he has completed the mail, still he was looking at the monitor, as if looking in void.

How could it happen?

Is it a some kind of joke ?

For a moment he thought.

When he was thinking a man entered the cyber cafe and came straightway to him. He bent whispered near his ear -
“ Are you Vivek”
“ Yes” Vivek replied, looking in astonishment to that man.
He had never met that man before.
“ Anjali had ran away from her home... Outside she is waiting for you” The man again whispered in his ear.
Immediately Vivek came into action. He closed all the open pages over his monitor and followed the man, who took him outside the cyber cafe.

... contd..

This Novel in English

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