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Romantic suspense literature - Novel - Elove CH-24 Competition

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This Novel in English

Romantic suspense literature - Novel - Elove CH-24 Competition

‘ Ethical Hacking Competition - Organized by - Net Secura’ A big banner was hanging at the background of the stage. Today it was last day of the competition and today the result were going to be announced. Anjali was invited as a special guest for the occasion and the prizes were to be distributed by her. Anjali was sitting on the dais on a chair reserved for the special guest; and next to her was sitting Mr. Bhatiaji, as he was the head of Net Secura. When everything was settled on the stage and to the opposite of the stage, in the audience, an anchor came forward and took charge of the mike -

“ Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen ... As all of you knew.. this is a silver jubilee year for our Company ‘Net Secura’.. and as a part of the celebration we have arranged the ‘Ethical Hacking Completion” ... and today we have reached the last phase of this competition - the award distribution ceremony.. and to distribute awards we have invited a special guest ... who had bagged ‘IT woman of the year’’ award very recently. And we are happy that she had, in fact done a favor by accepting our invitation...”

Almost everybody sitting in the audience was looking at Anjali. Wearing a sweet smile she glanced around in the hall.
“ And the name of the special guest is - Miss Anjali Anjulkar... to honor her I am inviting our Executive Manager Smt. Nagma Shaikh”

Smat Nagma Shaikh went on the stage and honored Anjali by presenting her a bouquet. Anjali stood up, bowed down a little, and accepted the bouquet. A huge round of applause sounded in the hall, as if within seconds an enthusiasm rushed through the people present in the hall. As the applause subsided anchor spoke further -

“ Now I invite our Marketing Manager Shri Samuel Rex to honor Mr. Bhatiaji our Managing Director and Head”

Shri Samuel Rex went on the stage and honored Mr. Bhatia by presenting him a bouquet. Again the people applauded.

“ Now I request Bhatiaji to speak few words...” Anchor declared and waited for Mr. Bhatia to come forward.

Mr. Bhatia stood up, looked at Anjali, shared a smile with her and slowly walking, as if pulling and carrying his lumpy body he went to the mike.

“ Our special guest, Miss Anjali Anjulkar who is honoring the position of Managing Director of G.H. Informatics, Senior and Junior Staff members of my Company present here, The participants participating in the contest, who had come all the way from all corners of our country, and the audience ladies and Gentlemen who are very keen to know the results... in reality... This is not the only contest ... in fact we face competitions every day in our day to day life... But we must play the contest in sportsman’s spirit... Now look.. looking at this huge crowd of our staff assembled at here I went into my past days... way back in 1984... when our company was founded... then at that time the strength of our company was mere three.. Myself and two more software engineers.. And since then facing each and every day as a new challenge as a new competition and new contest.... we have reached to this stage, of which we are all proud of today .. Now I am very happy and proud to say that our company has not only shown progress in our country but also created its foot marks offshore also... and today the strength of our company has reached beyond 30,000...”

Audience present in the hall applauded again spontaneously. As the applaud subsided Mr. Bhatia started to speak further. But Anjali who was sitting on the dais, did not realize when she went into her thoughts world.

.. contd..

This Novel in English

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