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Romantic suspense Novel - Fiction - ELove - CH 26 First Prize

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Romantic suspense Novel - Fiction - ELove - CH 26 First Prize

As soon as Anagha, the second prize winner, returned from the stage, an anchor took again the charge of the mike.-

“ Now finally the moment, we all are waiting for, would be coming very soon... the moment of declaring the first prize... in fact I consider myself fortunate that the fortune of declaring the first prize has came to me.... Because the contestant would be the best among all the participants participated throughout the country... So first of all we will see what’s the first prize... The first prize is 3 lakhs rupees cash, memento and a job offer in Net Secura... isn’t it interesting?”
Everybody was holding the breath to listen, as if they had saved their breaths for this occasion. The audience present in the hall straightened their necks. There was pin drop silence in the hall...

“ The first prize goes to ... the one and only one... Mr. Atul Biswas from Chennai “

The second row in the hall seemed to be disturbed, because somebody had stood up from that row. So many eyes turned in that direction. This time it was the hugest and the longest round of applause. Literally his success was exactly matching his name – “Atul” means non comparable. He almost ran to the stage, his enthusiasm was clearly evident. He was fair, tall, and smart, with attractive and strong body. Anjali looked at the owner of the first prize, coming to her. There was an aura of confidence around his face. His eyes were blue and shining. Looking at his eyes for a moment Anjali remembered of Vivek. But she immediately shook off her wandering thoughts and went forward to receive him. Atul stood before Anjal and turning towards the audience he showed respect to them, bowing little in the waist and lowering his head. The round of applause which was not still subsided again took the charge of the hall. After greeting audience he turned his attention to Anjali. He just kept on staring at her, as if his eyes were not ready to turn from it. He was locked into her intoxicating eyes. Applause was still going on. But suddenly an unexpected strange incidence happened. Anjali had slapped Atul, as hard as she can. Atul who was lost in her beauty, returned to his senses. The applause was stopped at once. It was an unexpected for him and the others present there. Yes Anjali had slapped him. Neither he nor the audience present in the hall was able to believe it. The clapping hall suddenly became silent ... pin drop silent.

“ Yes I slapped him... and he deserve it... because he is a cracker.. not only cracker he is also a blackmailer” Anjali’s frowned words broke the silence.

Anjali was speaking without a pause, with red angry piercing eyes. Her whole body was shivering due to anger. Inspector Kawaljeet, who was probably ready for this incidence, came on the stage with two constables. First of all he picked Atul by collar and slapped few slaps.

“ Inspector” Atul growled.

His innocent, smart face was now turned into a fierce one. The face turned red due to the slaps added more terror in it. Without wasting much time inspector arrested him and frowned, “ Take this bastard away”

Constables took him away almost pulling. His insolence seemed to be still intact, as while going he was looking with rage at Inspector and Anjali.
“ Beware... arresting me is going to cost you very much” He growled before leaving.

.. contd..

This Novel in English

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  2. how can i know the plot of the story ?