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English books collection - ELove ch-38 Black Briefcase

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English books collection - ELove ch-38 Black Briefcase

In the jungle everywhere dry leaves were spread. A black car with black glass windows was slowly moving ahead, crushing the dried leaves, creating an eerie sound. The car stopped at a huge tree and the driver's window glass started moving down. As the window glass moved down, Anjali wearing dark glasses was visible. She looked at the red mark on the trunk of the tree, picked up the briefcase kept on the other seat next to her, and thrown it towards the tree marked with red mark. 'Thud' it sounded. She again looked around, started her car and left the place, as fast as she can.

Now Anjali came out of the jungle and her car was running on the main road. She felt relieved, when her mobile rang. Anjali looked at the display and attended it, " Hello .."
" Hello.. I am Inspector Kawaljeet speaking..." the voice came from other side.
" Yes uncle"
" You must have got the mail of the blackmailer informing the venue and the mode of the payment?" Inspector asked.
" Yes I did... in fact ... just now I am returning from the venue, keeping the money there as directed by him." Anjali said.
" What?" Big surprise was clearly evident from his voice.
" I just can't believe this... You didn't tell me... We would have tried the best we can" Inspector said.
" No Uncle... now in this matter I didn't wanted Police involvement... They have failed once... This time I didn't want to take chance... And I am more worried about Vivek, not the money... As the culprit gets the money.. he would release Vivek... and the whole episode will be closed forever" Anjali said.
" I pray that the things happen in the same way as you wish... But I am really worried about the fact that if it doesn't happen as you anticipate... then?" Inspector said.
" What do you mean?" Anjali asked.
" It means.. If he doesn't release Vivek after getting the ransom.. then?" Inspector expressed his concern.
Anjali pondered. She never thought of this possibility.

Atul and Alex were sitting in front of the black briefcase. Their faces were beamed up with happiness. Lastly Atul couldn't stop himself from opening the briefcase. Both of them were looking at the money with their wide eyes. Atul picked up one of the bundles, smelled it moving a finger through it.
" Look how nice it smells?" Atul said.
Alex also picked up one bundle and smelled it,
" The smell of the self earned money can't be beaten .. isn't it?" Alex said.
Both of them took a clap, joining each others hand, and laughed loudly.
" This much of money... that too together... I am seeing the first time" Alex said.
Both of them gathered the bundles together, holding them with both hands, trying to feel it together.
While handling those bundles, Alex stopped in between and said, " Now what to do with that chap...Shall we release him?"
" Release?... Are you crazy... it's just the beginning... The hen has just started to lay eggs. " Atul said laughing fanatically.

... contd..


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