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English books Library - Elove ch-37 Raid

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This Novel in English

English books Library - Elove ch-37 Raid

A police vehicle stopped in front of a cyber cafe. An Inspector leading a team of 4-5 members got down the vehicle and paced towards the cafe. His team members were following him, waiting for his next order. The Inspector entered the cafe and his team members also followed him in the cafe. First they stopped at the reception counter. The reception counter staff stood up in attention as he was panicked seeing this many police members approaching him,

“ Yes sir...” somehow he managed to speak.

Without having a word with him, Inspector picked up the log register kept in front of him and was going through it, probably looking for some entry.

“ What’s wrong sir?” He asked again, this time gathering some courage.

Inspector just gazed at him with anger, and he kept quit. Inspector was carefully going through each and every entry in the logbook. At one place Inspector’s running finger stopped and his gaze squinted. Under the name column it was written as ‘Vivek Sarkar’. Inspector smiled, probably for the fact that the victim was now going to be caught, though he had taken the due precautions. Inspector read the whole information for that entry.

“ Where is No.17?” Inspector asked.

“ Please follow me... I will take you there” The staff said, leading Inspector to one side.

The staff member was waking ahead and Inspector and his team was following him. At one place the staff member suddenly stopped and opened the cabin door, which was numbered as 17 and was on his right side. All police members were ready and in attention to catch the criminal. But to there surprise there was nobody in the cabin. The computer in the cabin was still on but there was nobody. Inspector immediately instructed his team members to search around.

Inspector and his team members searched all around the cafe and in the cafe for quite some time, to find nothing. As Inspector was sure about the null chances of getting the criminal, he dialed a number on mobile,

" Sir I think we were late by few seconds... he has escaped... I am sorry... we could not catch him"

Inspector Kawaljeet was talking on his mobile, and around him Anjali, Sharwari and the two computer experts were looking at him, trying to hear the good news.

"Shit .. escaped.." Inspector cursed.
He thought for a while and again spoke into the mobile,
" Now do one thing... collect his finger prints from there.. the computer on which he had sat, take its photographs.. and see the history log of the computer..."
" Yes sir.." the reply came from other side.
Inspector disconnected the mobile and looked at Anjali with disappointment. He was trying to compose the proper words to convey the bad news.
" The bloody bastard has escaped..." He said with irritation.
But the news was already conveyed to everybody present in the room from his expressions and conversation on cell, just a little while ago.

... contd..

This Novel in English

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