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English Fiction literature: Elove ch-39 Nobody will move

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English Fiction literature: Elove ch-39 Nobody will move

Anjali was sitting on her chair and turning over some official papers. Sharvari was sitting next to her operating her computer. Suddenly computer buzzer rang. Anjali turned around to see at the monitor.
“ It’s his message” Sharwari announced.
Anjali stood up and went to the computer. Sharwari gave her way and vacated the computer seat.
“ Come on... go fast” Anjali instructed her, taking the charge of the computer.
Sharwari immediately left the cabin and entered the adjacent room. In the room Inspector Kawaljeet and two computer experts were sitting in front of a computer. Sharwari hurried to them. All of them turned around, sensing her presence.
“ The same thing had happened, as you anticipated.. the blackmailer has sent a message again..” Sharwari said hurriedly.
Without having a word, the computer experts took the charge of the computer. Now they were clear what they were up to.
“ Suraj... come on... this time he should not escape”
“ Sir... as before.. this time also he is operating from Mumbai.. and please note down his IP address..” The expert said, referring the software outputs from the computer.
Before he could complete his sentence, Inspector connected to Mumbai,
“ Raj... again we have traced the culprit... still he is busy in chatting... find out his exact location.. and see that his time the bastard should not escape.. and yes note down his IP address....”

Atul was busy in chatting, sitting in front of the computer in a cyber cafe.
“ Miss Anjali... Hi... How r u?” He typed the message and sent it.

It was quite a good amount of time; still there was no response from Anjali. But her name was visible in the chatting room.
Where the hell she has gone?...
Or may be confused, seeing my message unexpectedly...
He was thinking. Still there was no response from other side. Now his jaws were getting tightened due to anger, when the message came from other side,
“ I am fine”
At least she is there..
He was relieved. Now he was typing the next message, which was very important and it fact it was the sole purpose of his chatting,
" I am feeling bad to trouble you again... But what should I do?... Money is very bad thing... It finishes even if you use it cautiously... I am badly in need of 20 lakhs this time"
He typed and sent it immediately.
" It's not too long I have given you 50 lakhs... As per our agreement you were not supposed to ask it again... and the fact is I don't have money now..." The response came from other side, quite quickly than anticipated.
“ It's just last time... Because after this I am thinking of leaving the country" He typed and sent the message.
" You leave the country ... or whatever you do... it's least of my concern... look.. I don't have the tree which yields money ... " Anjali’s clear cut message came.
He was getting angry, but some how he managed to control his anger and typed the message,
" Ok.. fine... you have to give me at least 10 lakhs this time... Where and how you have to send it ... I will let you know on the mail" Atul sent and closed the chatting session.
He was in no mood to argue with her; in fact he didn’t want to give her chance to argue.

Now he was opening the mailbox, when something outside the window caught his attention. Outside he saw Police Inspector pacing towards the cyber cafe with some of his associates. Now the swiftness of his movements stimulated. Immediately he logged off of the computer, went to the cafe counter, paid the money and left the cafe as quickly as possible. As he left the cafe, within few seconds police inspector and his team entered the cafe. As the Inspector entered the cafe he took the charge and announced,
“ No body will go out of the cafe... all of you stay where you are.. Nobody will move”

Next to Anjali’s cabin, in the other room, two experts, Anjali and sharwari were looking in anticipation at Inspector, who was speaking on the mobile.
Inspector took aside his mobile from his ear and looking at Anjali he said with disappointment,
“ The bastard has managed to escape again...”
Anjali and Sharwari looked at each other, their excited faces were faded away.

... contd..


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