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English fiction Story Episodes : ELove- ch-35 What will happen with Vivek?

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This Novel in English

English fiction Story Episodes : ELove- ch-35 What will happen with Vivek?

In the conference room Anjali, Inspector Kawaljeet and Sharwari were assembled. Anjali was explaining something to Inspector and Sharwari. As she finished, she took a deep breath and said further,

“ So the whole story is like this...”

Anjali again looked at Inspector and Sharwari.

“ Kawaljeet uncle... now I am not afraid of whether he is going to publish those photographs on the Internet or not... I am really concerned about Vivek now... He is in their custody... There could be threat to his life” Anjali expressed her fears.

“ The mail we have got from him, our expert tried to trace it... they are not able to find out the exact location or the computer from which the mail is sent... But they are successful in finding that the mail has been sent from some Mumbai suburb..” Inspector said.

“ That means next mail informing about the payment mode and the location will be sent from Mumbai” first time Sharwari spoke up.

“ Probably yes ... and probably no too... this will depend upon how professional the criminal is... But this time since we are already ready, we could find out the computer and its exact location from where the mail is sent...” Inspector said.

“ That means we don’t have other option than to wait for his next mail..” Anjali said with disappointment.

“ Yes... it seems so...” Inspector said looking in void, probably checking all possibilities.

An old rusted car stopped in front of a cyber cafe. Alex was sitting on the driving seat and Atul was sitting next to him. Probably they were using this old car for all their work so that no one could get any suspicion. As the car stopped, Atul got down.

" Now you start with your job of collecting the money... Within few minutes I will send her the details about the spot... and listen... be careful... you have to travel quite far..." Atul said Alex, while getting down.

" Don't worry... you be rest assured.." Alex said, carelessly shrugging his shoulders.
" But what to do with that chap after getting the money?" Alex asked; he was talking about Vivek.

" What to do with him?... that we will see later... But we have to consider his more probability of being sacrificial victim for his lover... Because while going ahead it's necessary to fill up the pits coming in the way... Otherwise the possibility of falling in the same pits is more while coming back... " Atul said, strangely smiling. Alex also shared the same smile with him.
Atul got down and walked off towards the cyber cafe. Alex drove further, turned the vehicle in the next square, and drove off with speed.

... contd..

This Novel in English

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