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Fiction English books - Elove - ch-40 Good news

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Fiction English books - Elove - ch-40 Good news

Anjali was busy in day to day activities, in her cabin, when the phone bell rang,
“ Hello...” Anjali attended it.
“ Anjali there is good news for you...” Inspector Kawaljeet was speaking from other side.
“ Yes uncle...”
“ Blackmailer has released Vivek...” Inspector revealed the news.
“ Oh.. thank God... I just can’t explain.. How much I am happy” Anjali was too excited and happy.

Anjali was thrilled to hear the news of Vivek’s release. She was unable to wait to see him. But immediately meeting him was not possible, as he stayed in another town. She left all the office work as it was, and went directly to airport.
Shall I inform him?...
No.. it would be a pleasant surprise for him..
And there is no way that I can inform him...
Email and chatting was there, but nowadays she was afraid of all those things.

As the airport arrived, she got down, asked her driver to take back the car, and rushed to the ticket counter.
" Is there any flight for Mumbai?" She asked,
" Yes... just ready to take off..." the counter girl informed.
" One ticket please" Anjali said pushing ahead her credit card.

She collected the ticket from the ticket counter and almost ran to the flight. When she was running her mobile rang; she looked at the display. It was office number. Without second thought she disconnected the call and rushed into the flight. As she took her seat, the mobile rang again. She checked the display; it was the same number.
Officer number... why they should need me at such hour... Sharwari couldn't even handle the simple things...
She was irritated. Though she disconnected it, it rang again.
Sharwari generally don't phone again and again unless there is urgency...
There must be some urgency...
She attended the call, when there was a last call for the passengers.
" Yes Sharwari?..." She said, almost in irritated tone.
But it was not Sharwari's voice, it was some male voice... yes it was Vivek's voice.
" Vivek... you..." She abruptly got up from her seat, " How do you reach the office.. and what are you doing there..?" She was not sure what to say.
While talking on the phone she paced towards the plane door.
" I came to see you" Vivek said from other side.
When she reached the plane door, it was about to be closed.
" Wait ... I am getting down" She obstructed the staff.
" What's wrong Mam" The staff asked.
" I am not feeling well" She was in no mood to explain him the complete situation.
The staff waited and she rushed down the plane. The staff kept looking at her with astonishment.
Probably he might have thought, ' How could the lady not feeling well, got down the plane so swiftly?'

The taxi was almost nearing her house. As the taxi was nearing her house her heart beats were increasing. After leaving the plane she had immediately came out of the airport and hiring a taxi she had instructed the taxi driver to take her to home. And when she had talk with Vivek ,when she was in the plane, she had asked him to directly come to her house , as she didn't want any scene in the office. By this time the taxi has reached in the premises and stopped in front of her house. She saw Vivek waiting for her anxiously in the porch itself. When taxi stopped, he rushed to it. She was also unable to control her emotions. Opening taxi door she couldn't stop herself to enter into his safe and protective embrace. After so many days, they were hugging each other. Her eyes welled up and then the tears formed the rivulet on her chicks, and were not ready to stop at all.
" Hey ... What's wrong?" Vivek was trying to console her, gently tapping on her back .
" Look... I am here... safe and in my full form... without missing a bit" He said jokingly, trying to ease the tenseness of the environment.
But she held him so tight that; she was not ready to release him.

... contd..


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  1. That's really wonderful story. Love it!

  2. This is the one of the best best Story...


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