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Fiction english stories - Elove : ch-36 World runs with faith

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This Novel in English

Fiction english stories - Elove : ch-36 World runs with faith

In a cyber cafe Atul was sitting in front of the computer. He opened the chatting session and finding Anjali also in the chatting room, he started chatting -

“ Hi Miss Anjali”

On the other side, the message sent by Atul appeared on Anjali’s monitor. Almost the same time Sharwari also entered the cabin. Looking at Sharwari, Anjali signaled her mouthing something. As soon as Sharwari got the signal, she darted out of the cabin. After coming out of the cabin she entered the adjacent room. Inspector Kawaljeet and two more persons were sitting in front of the computer in that room. As Sharwari entered the room, she said,

“ Sir his message has come”

Hearing this all of them became alert and sitting straight they started to look at the computer.

“ Come on Suraj.. trace the bloody bastard” Inspector said, in order to cheer them up.

“ Sir he is traced.. the call is from Mumbai.. and see the IP adddress...”

Inspector read the IP address appeared on the monitor and dialed his mobile.

“ Hello Raj... we have traced the blackmailer ... We have kept him busy on chatting with Anjali... Better you now trace his exact location in Mumbai... and see that the fellow should not be escaped.. and yes take down his IP address...”

Still ‘ Hi Miss Anjali’ message was visible in Anjali’s chatting window. Now she was thinking about how to keep him busy on chatting so that police could trace and catch him. The next message appeared in the chatting window,

“ Anjali please Acknowledge your presence”

Now there was no way out for Anjali other than to reply back, otherwise there were fair chances of him to disconnect and log out.

“ Hello...” She replied back.

Here, in the adjacent room, Inspector again connected to Mumbai,

“Raj... Did you get something?”

“ Yes sir... the area we have just found out... its Thane.. but the exact spot we are trying our best to locate...” Raj spoke from other side.

“ Come on ... do something.. and find out quickly” Inspector instructed.

There on Anjali’s side Anjali got blackmailer’s next message,

“ I am sending all details in the mail”

Anjali thought of asking him to send all the details on the chat itself, but again she averted, thinking that it may create suspicion.

But now he may disconnect... it is necessary to keep chatting with him..

Suddenly she got something and she started to type it,

‘But after giving 50 lakhs what is the guarantee that you would not blackmail me again?’

In the adjacent room Police Inspector was anxious, He again connected Raj,

“ Raj ... Anything new?”

“ Sir we have found out the exact location and the exact spot...” Raj said.

“ Good very good... now quickly instruct the Thane police to raid the spot..” Inspector said with enthusiasm.

“ Yes sir” Raj replied back.

Anjali was thinking about whether she was successful in hooking him or not, because she didn’t get his reply yet.

Suddenly his reply appeared,

“ Look ... this world runs with faith ... you have to keep faith in me... And there is no other option for you... other than to keep faith in me..."
On her sad face a ray of delight could be seen, as she was able to engage him in the conversation. Now she was thinking about how to engage him in the conversation next. She had typed some mater too, when blackmailer's next message arrived -
" OK then bye ... this is our last conversation... take care.. yours and only yours Vivek..."
Before she could finish the typing and press click on the ‘send’ button, the blackmailer was vanished from chatting session. She was not hoping for his sudden disconnection. Anjali got up from her chair and quickly left her cabin. She directly entered the adjacent room, in which Inspector and other two computer experts were sitting. As she reached there without warning, all of them looked at her, trying to read the expressions from her face.
" Uncle... he had just closed the session.. but I am sure he must be still connected.. as he was supposed to send me a mail.." Anjali said.
" Don't worry... Thane police have already started to raid the location..." Inspector said.

... contd..

This Novel in English

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