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English fiction books collection - ELove : ch-46 Eterrorism

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English fiction books collection - ELove : ch-46 Eterrorism

The employee of the company murmured something in his boss's ear and the mood of the program changed totally. Bhatiaji rushed directly towards his cabin, after getting down from the stage. The distance between the stage and his office was not too far, but it seemed too far for him the first time. After descending the steps of the stage and while climbing the steps to his office he felt tired, as if his knees going numb and lifeless. Inspector Kawaljeet was right behind him followed by confused Vivek and Anjali. When all of them including Bhatiaji entered his cabin, there were already his employees crowded around a computer. Bhatiajj joined the crowd and looked at the monitor, keeping his mouth slit open in astonishment. When Anjali and Vivek joined the crowd and looked at the monitor, they became aware of the whole thing. The doubts dancing in their minds were replaced by fear and worries. A message was blinking on the monitor - " All the server data and computer Data has been deleted. To recover enter the password "
And a reverse counter watch showing time like a time bomb was visible on the monitor. The ticking counter showed - 5hrs... 10mins... 26secs
" Oh my God.." The words came out from Bhatiaji's open mouth.
He was sweating all over and the sweat buds could be seen on his face also. With mere thought of what would happen if the whole data is deleted, he was terrified.
" Sir not only this... company's all computers are showing this message..." An Employee came and led them to a development center, " Sir look here also... "
Everybody followed him without a word, as if walking towards a cemetery.

Development center was a huge hall, divided into various cubicles. The cubicles were made in such a way that the developers could get the complete privacy; at the same time it should be easy for their boss to monitor them. In the hall all computers were on and the same message was blinking on every monitor - " All the server data and computer Data has been deleted. To recover enter the password "
And here also the reverse counter clock was ticking and showing-
5hrs ... 3mins... 2secs
" Really the culprit has played his last gambit" Vivek said.
" Its a typical example of terrorism" Anjali said.
" The existence of our company is at stake" Bhatiaji said, clearing sweat from his face.
" Don't worry... how to get the password from the criminal is our headache.." Inspector said, trying to console him.

Two police members brought in handcuffed Atul. As Inspector had realized the seriousness of the situation, he had phoned his team to bring back Atul. Atul was walking with insolence, with a peculiar arrogant smile on his face.
“ What’s the password?” Inspector yelled at him.
“ What’s the hurry?... First release me... still 5 more hours are there” Atul said calmly, still smiling.
As Inspector rushed to him raising his hand to slap him, he stood still without any expressions of fear, “ No ... No ... inspector... never ever do this mistake.. if you do it ... I will give the password.. no doubt.. but after entering that password... the 5 hours you have will no more be there... as soon as the password is entered the whole data will be deleted...”
Inspector retracted his raised hand; as he knew whatever he talked make sense.
“ Come on release me” Atul said again.
Inspector signaled the police who have brought him here. He immediately released him. Atul felt the sense of freedom by holding his free wrists with the other hand one after the other. And then he yawned, taking his both hands to backside, as if celebrating his freedom,
“ Yes... now ... you know... it really feels like a free”
“ Now tell me... What’s the password?” Inspector again yelled at him.
“ Inspector... do you think... I will reveal the password, that easily?..” Atul said calmly, looking directly into his eyes.
“ Then... What do you want?” Inspector said, still keeping his voice loud.
“ Nothing... just my complete freedom..” Atul said.
“ What do you mean?” First time Vivek spoke.
“ Oh yes... it’s better that you spoke.. you need to come with me... far from this place... where they could not reach... And from there I will reveal the password on mobile...” Atul said.
“ Do you think we are idiots?” Inspector yelled at him.
“ Inspector... this is not the time to decide who is idiot... in short.. you don’t have a choice... You need to just follow what I am saying..” Atul said.
Inspector looked at Vivek and Atul alternatively.
“ Ok... fine.. I will come with you ” Vivek said resolutely.

.. contd..


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