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English Fiction Books collection - ELove Ch-51 Hospital

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English Fiction Books collection - ELove Ch-51 Hospital

As Anjali heard the gun shot from the mobile, she collapsed down. The cheerful environment in the hall suddenly saddened. Inspector rushed and taking help of few other people he held Anjali and made her lie down on the sofa. Somebody rushed to the phone and called for an ambulance.

Anjali was sprawled on a bed in the hospital. Doctor was standing besides her, checking her BP and Inspector, Bhatiaji, Sharwari and few more were standing around and were looking anxiously.
“ Doctor how is she?” Sharwari couldn’t stop to ask.
“ It seems she has gone through a huge shock, which she couldn’t sustain... in such cases its important to let go some time... time being, I have given her a sedative injection... due to which she will be in sleep for some time... during that time it is better that you all sit outside... But as soon as she gets to her senses somebody very close to her should be present around ... Who is the closest one?”
Doctor asked.
“ Me” Sharwari answered without any hesitation.
“ Who are you?... Are you her sister?”
“ No I am her friend..” Sharwari said.
“ No body else?... like mother father”
Sharwari looked around in confusion to compose the proper words to answer this question, when Inspector said, “ Doctor... she didn’t have anybody close in relation”
“ O.K... no problem... you stay here and take care when she wakes up” Doctor instructed Sharwari.
“ Yes sir” Sharwari said.
All other people left the room. Sharwari stayed back; in fact she might not have left the room even if instructed to go out, as she was very much worried about her. She sat near her head, moving her fingers through her hairs. Even if Anjali was her boss, she never treated her that way. She always treated her as a friend - a close friend. In fact when Anjali asked her to join her, it was more as a friend than PA. Sharwari was looking for her to come to her senses.

Around 2-3 hours might have passed since the sedative was pricked. Outside her room Inspector, Bhatiaji and few other people were still waiting for her to gain consciousness. After she gains consciousness, how she reacts all depended on her mental condition at that time, and how much she recovers from the shock. She was so much mentally and emotionally involved in Vivek, might be it was due to the fact that, she didn’t have anybody close like mother father. And the closest one she considered, leaving her like this was a huge shock.
A nurse came out of the room and informed, “ Inspector she has gained the consciousness”
The nurse again disappeared in the room. Everybody waiting outside the room rushed in.

In the room Anjali was sobbing keeping her head on Sharwari’s lap, and Shawari was trying to console and sooth her patting gently on her back and moving her fingers through her hairs. When she had gone through the shock, she didn’t get enough time to react to it, as she got unconscious immediately. Looking at this heartrending scene everybody present in the room wanted to come forward to console her, but the Doctor hinted them to stop. Doctor was also right, as it was important for her to give the way to her pain in the form of tears. Everybody, though feeling bad, was looking at her helplessly.

Suddenly a call far away from outside the room could be heard, “ Anjali”



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  1. THE BEST BOOK i have read soooo far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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