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English fiction Books library - Elove : ch-47 Good move!

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English fiction Books library - Elove : ch-47 Good move!

Future of such a big company was at stake; therefore Inspector had no choice than to agree everything demanded by Atul. And it would cause how much loss was clearly visible from Bhatiaji's sweaty face. That way Bhatiaji was thick skinned and mentally strong person, but today he was totally disturbed.

As Atul wished, Vivek was ready to go with him to take him as far away as possible. Therefore the big question of who will go with him was solved, for it was dangerous to go with him, to the extent of loosing one's life too. It was sure that he would not allow the one who will accompany him to carry any weapon. It was equally difficult for Anjali to allow him to go with him. She didn't say anything but it was evident from her worried dull face. On one hand Bhatiaji's company was at risk, who had allowed her to devise a trap to catch the victim in terms of the contest. On the other hand she didn't want to loose Vivek again. Vivek sensed the dilemma she was going through and took her in his embrace,
" Don't worry honey.. I will be fine"
Anjali didn't say anything. But lastly she agreed to send him with Atul. In fact Inspector played a major role to agree her.

After Bhatiaji, Anjali, Vivek and Inspector left the stage, the anchor was successful in vacating the hall peacefully with the help of some police. Now in the company campus there was nobody other than police, company's employees, Vivek, Anjali, Inspector, Bhatiaji and Atul. Some people who vacated the hall got air of something wrong; therefore they were observing the activities going on in the campus, hiding far from the company campus. But they were very few. Therefore it was not too difficult for Inspector to handle the criminal and his demands. If those people were still in the hall, it would have been very difficult to keep them in control than handling the criminal.

Lastly it was decided to let go Atul far from this place and Vivek to accompany him. Everybody came out of the buildings and assembled in the open space. There were so many vehicles standing in the parking other than police vehicles. Atul take a careful close look of those vehicles and fixed one among them to go. He went to that vehicle and tapped on its top,
" Whose vehicle is this?" he asked.
It was one of the employee's vehicles.
The employee came forward, hesitantly, "It's mine"
" Give me the keys" Atul ordered.
Bhatiaji looked at the employee, signaling him to do so. The employee quietly removed the key bunch from his pocket and handed it over to Atul.
" We will go by this vehicle" Atul announced.

" First of all .. submit your mobile" Vivek said, regarding him from top to bottom.
Atul thought for a while and handed over his mobile to Vivek, " Good Move"
Vivek took the mobile and handed over it to Inspector.
" Now its your turn" Atul said.
Vivek also removed his mobile from his pocket and handed over to Atul. Atul opened the vehicles dicky and kept the mobile in it. But then what he thought, don't know, he removed it from the dicky and kept it back by putting it off.
Now it was Vivek's turn to say, " Good Move"
Atul smiled shrewdly looking at him, " Now its right"
" Who will drive the vehicle?" Vivek asked, approaching it.
" Off course me" Atul said, approaching the driving seat.
Then suddenly Atul stopped, "Wait"
Vivek also abruptly stopped. Atul went to Vivek, smiling egoistically and started to search him all over.
" Yes... now its ok" He declared when he was satisfied.
Probably he searched him for possible weapon.
Atul was now again going to the driving seat, when Vivek intrupted, "Wait"
" That applied to you too" Vivek said, imitating the same egoistic smile.
Vivek also went to Atul and searched him completely.
" Yes ... now its ok." Vivek said and started to go to the vehicle.
" No... still its not Ok" Atul said.
Inspector looked at Atul quizzically.
" Inspector... listen... if at any instance I realize that we are being followed... or our information is being passed on to any place... in that case .. beware ... I will give the password... but it will be wrong password... and after entering which, your company's data will be destroyed immediately... understood" Atul warned with his authoritarian tone.
" Don't worry ... you will not be followed.. provided you give us the correct password.." Inspector said.
" That's like a good boy" Atul said, occupying the driving seat.
Atul started the vehicle and looked at Vivek sternly. Vivek quietly took his adjacent seat and pulled the door, looking at Anjali.
Atul raised the accelerator, took the vehicle out of the company premises, and drove off with full speed.
.. contd..


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