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Modern Fiction literature - Elove : ch-45 Last Game

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Modern Fiction literature - Elove : ch-45 Last Game

.... Inspector Kawaljeet had completed his narration. On the stage Inspector, Anjali, Net Secura's Director and anchor were standing. Though Inspector's narration was completed, people were still calm and quit. There was pin drop silence in the hall, when Anjali saw Vivek standing at the back of the hall in the crowd. Anjali waved him to come to the stage. Vivek almost ran to her. Anjali took his hand in her's and they stood in a pair on the front of the stage. The crowd, who was still quiet, applauded hugely and was not ready to stop. Still Anjali was holding Vivek’s hand, firmly. Anjali waved public to be quiet, and took the charge of the microphone -
" Our love... or should I say Elove... we thought at least there would be no obstacles in this... but it seems that there are always obstacles in the pathway to love..."
Anjali looked around in the hall, and holding vivek's hand more firmly she said, "... But ...Whatever it may be... it’s the Love which wins at last..."
Public applauded hugely again.

Now Vivek took the charge of the microphone,
" From our love story everybody can have a lesson ..." he paused for a while and said, " ... that... Bad always end badly..."
Public applauded again, as if confirming his opinion. When Anjali and Vivek were talking and interacting with the people, one of the company's employees came on the stage from back side. His moving eyes were searching somebody, at last his eyes steadied on Company's Managing Director Mr. Bhatia. He approached him and bowing down to his ears murmured something. The expressions on Bhatiaji's face changed drastically to confusion and fear. Looking at his expressions other's expressions also changed and the environment on the stage became tense. As the person conveyed his message completely and stood aside, Bhatiaji looked around, located Inspector and approached him.

Now Bhatiaji bowed to Inspector's ear and murmured something, probably the same thing which was conveyed to him by his employee. Same expressions appeared on Inspector's face. By this time Anjali and Vivek sensed the tension in the air and went to Inspector.
" What's wrong?" Anjali asked, looking alternatively at Inspector and Bhatiaji.
" Before departing he has played his last gambit" Inspector said.
" What did he have done?... " Vivek asked.
" Please don't talk in puzzles" Anjali.
" There is no time to elaborate... come on let's follow me" Bhatiaji said in hurry and started to leave the stage from the back door. The Anchor was in dilemma, to go with his boss or not, stayed back on the stage, because there was fear of the crowd in the hall going uncontrolled. They wee curious to know what was wrong. But the anchor was equally ignorant of the facts as they were. Rather than knowing what was wrong, more important responsibility came on his shoulders, to keep the people quiet and vacate the hall immediately.

Now Bhatiaji was climbing steps to his office and Inspector, Anjali and Vivek were quietly following him.



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