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It was 9:30 pm when Vinod Dixit parked his car at the basement parking slot of the Hotel Vista at the Bandstand. He lighted another cigarette by getting out of the car. His face has got tensed again by the thought of meeting that girl. He has never thought in his dreams that someday he is going to meet an unknown girl for the purpose of marriage. Suddenly, his mobile rang. Priya Sharma, the name displayed on its screen. He picked up the call.

“Have you reached in the hotel?” a delicate voice came from the other side.

“Yes. Where are you?”  He said by taking the puff of cigarette.

“I will be there within next ten minutes. Sorry, caught in traffic.”

 “Not a problem. I will go ahead and book the table. ”

He smashed the cigarette by his shoes and took the lift to reach at the reception of the restaurant. The crowd in the restaurant was negligible, as he had expected. He remembered the days when he used to meet Rasika in the same restaurant. It has always been a less crowded place as compare to the other pubs and restaurant in Bandra. He moved straight towards one of the corner table and sat on the sofa. Now he was able to view the slow moving traffic on the bandstand from the window glass.

“Look at me, Vinod. Not towards the traffic.” He remembered the conversation.

“Rasika, I have said that you are looking gorgeous.”  Said Vinod plainly by hiding his smile.

“Oh! How romantic! ” she said by making her face angry.

“Ok.” He smiled by taking her hand in his hand and said by looking in her eyes, “You are looking gorgeous.
 Will you marry me?”

She laughed out loud.

“That’s better. Yes, I will marry you.”

“Sorry. It’s late. ” a sudden voice from the backside interrupted his thought process. He moved his face towards the voice. ‘Rasika’, once he thought to himself. How’s that possible? Then he looked carefully.

“Oh hi…Priya.” 

There was much similarity between the two faces. Same small black eyes, straight long nose and slightly bulgy lips. The difference was Priya’s hair was colored brown in between which was matching with her red brown face and Rasika’s hairs were dark black. Priya has worn a long red gown which was showing her cleavage gracefully. Is she really a journalist or a model by profession? Vinod has got quite stunned by the overall beautiful spots of her.

“Hi. May I sit here? ” said Priya by giving a mischievous smile.

“Oh. Of course. Please have a seat.” Said Vinod by quickly taking the look of her cleavage

“So how is your father’s health now? Dad was saying that he has gone through cardiac arrest.”

“Yes. But now he is doing well. ”

“Ok. If you don’t mind I want to tell you something.” She said hesitantly

“Go ahead.” Said Vinod by carefully observing her face. Her face suddenly became serious.

“I know that your dad and my dad are school friends but to be honest, I am in love with someone else and dad is against our marriage. I have come here just to feel my dad well.” She declared the head line of the meeting. Vinod kept calm and changed the topic.

“Shall I order dinner? I am hungry.”

“Look I am sorry but…”

“It’s ok. I was also in love with someone else.” He said by pointing the waiter to take the order

“Oh! so what happen?”

“She is dead now. Would you like to have some starters?” Vinod said by observing the menu.

“I am sorry.”

“Starters?” asked Vinod again

“Yes sure.” She said by observing his strong and handsome face.

Next hour they have finished by chatting on different topics from politics to entertainment along with dinner. Finally, Vinod paid the bill and they moved towards the basement. Vinod came up to her car. She sat down inside. He closed the door of the car.

“It was nice meeting with you.” She said while smiling.

Vinod looked in her eyes; it was beautiful, deep and dark. Suddenly he opened the door of the car and pulled her body towards him. They both fell down on the ground. Her smooth parts rest down on his body. He clutched her back tightly with his hands.  

“Ah…what you doing? Leave me… ” Her sentence remained incomplete by the sudden bang of firing. Two bullets stroked on the car. The side glasses of the car got broken down. Then there was a complete silence. Vinod clutched his hand on her mouth so that a shout from her mouth should not disturb the silence.
“Someone is there to kill us. Stay calm.” He said by keeping his mouth near her ear. He could be able to feel the hot and smooth touch of her body. He slowly removed his gun from the coat’s pocket and fired one bullet towards the direction of earlier fire from the broken window of the car. But no response came from the other side. He opened the door of car and pushed her body inside it.

“Don’t sit. Keep lying there inside.” He said and slowly stood on his feet by keeping the gun straight in the hands and moving quickly towards the other car in the lane. One by one he crossed all the cars and reached at the place where he has seen the man wearing a mask earlier while talking with Priya. Suddenly he jumped on top of the car and then another jump took him in front of the masked man. He fired the bullet; but till that time Vinod has hide behind a cement pillar. Suddenly the masked man got on his feet and opened the door of the car. He started the car by firing the bullets blindly towards pillar and took it out from the parking with full speed. Vinod counter attacked but his hit missed out.

Then he ran down towards the Priya’s car. He opened the door. She was still lying there on the car’s floor.
“Get up. We need to catch him.” He said by pushing her aside and sitting on the driver’s seat. He started the car and pushed it outside the hotel. He saw that the masked man was turning the car on the left side of the bridge. He turned the car and thrown it in that direction. The traffic on the road till this time was negligible. Both cars were racing more than speed of hundred.

“Who is he? Why is he trying to kill you?” said Priya

“I can ask the same question to you.”  He said while concentrating on the car in front of him.

“But I don’t have answer.” She said

“I also don’t have. We will ask him.” Said Vinod by taking the sharp U turn. The speed was so high that Priya bumped on Vinod.

“Ah…can’t you make it little slow?” she said with an annoyed look. Now both the car was moving on along the side of a local train. Suddenly the masked man opened the door of his car.

“What the hell is he doing?” Vinod slowed down the car by taking his moves into consideration.

The masked man held one of the rods on the door of local train. But in next second his hand slipped down. The train moved ahead by crushing his body and pushing the car away. The car took two three odd jumps and fell down on its top. Vinod stopped the car by looking towards the smashed body of the masked man. All the body has been crushed down except the face which was remained in somewhat good condition. Vinod got out of the car.

“What you doing?” Priya shouted

“Let’s see who he is.” He said “Don’t come out of the car.”

He walked up to the body. It was really in bad condition. The blood and gore has spread everywhere. Face was the only part of the body which was quite in better condition. Vinod looked around, no one was there. Then he removed handkerchief from his pocket and wrapped around his right hand. He slowly removed the mask. The small hairs almost bald and long face with small moustache below the nose, Vinod observed him carefully. Where the hell I have seen him? He thought to himself and then suddenly his eyes glittered.
He came again towards the car and sat inside.

“Who is he?” Priya asked with curious voice.

“No. I don’t know.” He said by starting the car “I will drop you to the home. Don’t tell anybody about this.”

“I think we should make a complaint in police station.” She said immediately

“No. That will create unnecessary problem.” He said. She looked towards him with strange look.

“But what if anyone is going to attack on me again?”

“No. I think he has not attacked on you. He has attacked on me. ” said Vinod calmly.   
 “But you don’t know that guy, right?”

“You are asking too many questions. Are you going to publish it in your newspaper?” said Vinod while smiling “I will be taking your car with me. My driver will receive it to you tomorrow. Is that fine?”

“Yes. But…” She said. Her voice has become little shaky

“Don’t worry Priya. No one is going to kill you.” Said Vinod by keeping his hand on her hand
She looked towards his hand and then in his eyes. She felt like a cold shiver was going through her body.


This Novel in English

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  1. Its exciting to be reading an another murder mystery!!! please Post it sooon... eagerly waiting to read the complete novel!!!

  2. Its exciting to be reading an another murder mystery!!! please Post it sooon... eagerly waiting to read the complete novel