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                                                                                                        CHAPTER 4

The hotel 36 degree west was one of the famous hotels in Juhu west for all wrong reasons. The page three cum rave parties, high profile prostitution has become common in this hotel. It was around 1 AM in the morning when Vinod entered in the hotel with Priya. Priya showed their special entry passes to one of the staff.
 “Please follow me.” He said politely by checking the passes. They entered the lift and went on the fourth floor. Then there was a big dining hall. The people were still enjoying their dinners. Besides the dining hall there was another room with a common door where the pub was present. The dark blue lights and roaring music in that crowded pub was providing the delirious environment. Girls and boys were partying hard. Vinod and Priya were walking along with the staff boy by cutting the crowd. They reached near the door. The staff boy opened it.
“This way Sir.” He said
There was the staircase which was dipped in dark red lights.
“Please check your steps Sir.”
Finally they reached at big glass door. The staff boy swiped one card and the door got opened.
“Have you been here earlier?” Vinod asked Priya
“Yes.” She said plainly
And then there was a bang. The music was noisy and the room was dipped in dark lights. All kind of beverages and drugs were kept on the counter tables. The staff was serving it gracefully. Many known unknown celebrities, businessmen, fashion tycoons, ministers, players all were busy in enjoying the night in their own ways. They were dancing, pulling the girls, snatching the drugs and beverages. Loud music was pumping the adrenalin and adding the wilderness to the party. Priya and Vinod started taking the overall look of party. Suddenly Priya said
“Vinod there she is. Shikha Batra.” By pointing the finger at one corner. She was minimally dressed showing all her fair, essential body parts through her electrifying mini skirt. Her eyes were deep, dark and under the influence of drugs. She was dancing with an old junky. Before Priya knew anything, Vinod went straight towards her and pulled her aside by holding her arm.
“Aah…who the devil are you?  ” she said by trying to remove her arm with other hand “leave me.”  
“Hey what you doing?” the old junky yelled while showing his Viagra vigor.
“Stay away.” Vinod said by removing his coat’s button and showing the gun kept inside. Both were stunned by the view of gun. Then Vinod moved towards the girl.
“I want to sleep with you for tonight. The amount which you want.” He said. The girl has not dared to deny the proposal by looking at the overall deadly looks and moves of Vinod. He clutched her arm and moved towards Priya by almost dragging her.
“I am taking her with me.” He said plainly and moved ahead
“What? Hey wait…” Priya remained looking towards the path from where he has gone. She felt that she has just seen a tornado. 


This Novel in English

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  1. Like always,great job Sir.I can't wait to read the whole story!!I'm really loving it & as always, hooked with your yet another page turner novel!

  2. its a good story i guess...but i want to read the whole story...can i??? :|

  3. Thanks everyone. Yes, you will definately read the whole story very soon.