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                                                                                                   CHAPTER 5

Vinod moved his car towards Boriwali at Hotel Sunshine. She slept inside the car due to the heavy dose of drugs and drinks. Finally they reached at the hotel. Vinod looked towards her.
“Hey wake up.” He said by patting her cheek. But she was unconscious. So Vinod lifted her and entered in the Hotel. The security and manager was looking at the couple with exclaimed eyes. Vinod smiled by looking towards them. Then he entered his suit and locked the door from inside by putting her on the bed.
It was the late morning around 11 am, when she woke up. Vinod has sat on the sofa smoking the cigarette. He looked towards her. She was adjusting her clothes. Then she looked at him.
“I thought I am nude till this time.” She said angrily
Vinod didn’t say a word and continued smoking.
“What do you want?” she said while coming down from the bed and sitting on the sofa besides him by slowly touching her thighs with his. Vinod looked at her nude, perfectly toned thighs. She put her hands in between the two thighs.
“Do you know Rasika?” Vinod asked suddenly by removing his glance away from her
“Oh you brought me here to ask for some other girl. That’s my insult.”
“Don’t try to be smart.” Vinod raised his voice
“I don’t know anyone with this name.” she said plainly and got up from the sofa and walked down towards the table where her purse was kept. Vinod held her hand and tried to pull her but she gave a jerk and took the purse from the table and moved towards the entrance.
“Wait, otherwise you will be dead within next few seconds.” said Vinod by holding the gun. She stopped.
“What do you want? Are you some sort of psycho?” she said angrily
“Please…” said Vinod by putting his gun down “my name is Vinod Dixit and the girl whom I am talking about is very close to mine although she is no more in this world.” His face has become sad. She turned down and sat again on sofa.
“Ok. Look, I don’t know much. It has all started I think around three months back when I was a struggling model. Then one day I have got a call from my agent saying that baby, your stars are going to shine very soon. He was telling me that the big daddies in Lakme have selected you for next fashion festival in Gurgaon. I was not able believe on what I have heard. It was a dream comes true. But with a price. They wanted me to sleep with one person. They have not mentioned his name or anything. I have taken the offer. All went good, one night stand and I have entered in India’s biggest fashion week festival. But immediately after the fashion week, I have got a call from my agent saying you need to be disappearing for few months. I have asked him why but he didn’t answer saying that it’s order from higher authorities and I don’t know the reason. Then they have shifted me away from Mumbai somewhere near Pachgani. Then again one fine day I have got a call from the lady which you are talking about saying that someone has told her to get down to my place. She has not mentioned any name. I thought it would be the same persons who has brought me there and said her to join…That’s what I know…she has never came afterwards and a month later I have come to Mumbai. ”
“Ok but you must know who these higher authorities in lakme are?” said Vinod by looking in her eyes. She looked in his eyes firmly and said
“No. I don’t know.”
“You are lying…” but Vinod’s sentence remains incomplete by the further knock on the door. Both got startled by this sudden knock. Vinod got up and went up to the door. He removed the gun and glanced from the door lence. The hotel staff was there on the door.  
“Yes…what you want?” asked Vinod without opening the door
“Sir, Need to change bed sheets.” Vinod opened the door by putting gun inside the coat and before he knew what happened 5-6 people entered inside. All were holding the guns. The big black bull from the gang gave a hard punch on Vinod’s mouth. He fell down on the ground by holding his nose.
“Don’t let the bullets run out of the guns. You both are coming with us.” He said in cold voice by holding the hand of girl. Other two moved inside the adjacent room and two started beating Vinod.
“The bird was trying to escape from inside.” One of them from the inside room said. They have held the gun on Priya’s head. Both Vinod and Shikha got surprised by this new entry.
“What the hell are you doing here and when did you enter inside?” asked Vinod suddenly by standing up from the ground 
“I was just trying to collect some news. I have come here at night by taking alternate keys from security. ” She said innocently
“Are you spying on me?” said Vinod angrily
“Oh shut up. Everyone move outside. Move. ” said the big bull by showing the gun towards the door. Everyone moved silently.


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