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                                                                                                     CHAPTER 6

The cages were strong to break and the dozens of pigs were their new prison mates. The room was with lack of sunlight and flooded with the odor of pigs’ dirt. All three of them were sat by moving their necks down inside the pig cages. Two men stand outside by holding the handkerchief on their mouth.
“May I know where the hell we are now and who the hell you are?”  Said Vinod by looking towards the pig who sat beside him calmly      
“Yes. You are in hell and we are the hell boys. ” one of the men from outside spoke and laughed loudly and again made his face weird by the odor of dirt.
“Do you have any idea?” asked Vinod by moving towards Shikha who was in the cage next to him. She just nodded her face negatively by holding hand on her nose tightly. Suddenly she felt something cold near her thighs. She moved back and there was a little pig’s nose rested on her thigh.
 “Aaaaahhh….oh god! Please save my life. I will die. ” she cried out loudly and started weeping out. It has disturbed the little ones sleep and it ran away from her. The men outside the cage started laughing.
“What’s going on?” the big bull opened the door of the room and entered along with a new prisoner. Other two ran to help him. They removed the mask on the prisoner’s face.
“Oh my god!!” Shikha exclaimed loudly. Both Vinod and Priya looked at the Shikha and then towards prisoner.
The big bull sat down near him and smashed his face with a bang.
“Now speak out otherwise I will fuck you to hell.” He said angrily by looking towards him
“Boss, don’t do that. He is gay.” One of them spoke silently. The big bull looked towards him for a while angrily and then started laughing loudly. Other two joined him. Suddenly the prisoner cried out loudly in his girly voice
“What do you want from me?”
The big bull moved towards him and clutched his jaws in his big hands.
“What do you think we are mad? You are the girl’s agent, right? We are following these fucking three fellows from last two days. ” he said
“But what do you want?” he said again
“We want to know the whole business which you have done with big daddies of Lakme by using this girl.”
“But I don’t know anything.” he said innocently and a big hit fall on his mouth
“Aaahh…Ok…Ok…I will tell you. That bloody Rakesh Mishra, one of the big bosses of Lakme has some plan by using Shikha. I have heard that he was threating the man with which Shikha has slept by using their video clip. That’s what I know.”
“That’s it?” big bull removed the gun. “Bring that girl here.” He said by pointing towards Shikha’s cage. A cold shiver went through her spine and fear gathered in her eyes. Other two moved towards her, opened the cage and dragged her outside.
“Please don’t kill me. I don’t know anything.” She started crying again.
“No baby, don’t cry.” Big bull said by rubbing his arm on her waist “We are not going to kill you but your friend is not responding well so it’s time to say good bye to him.” Now the fear gathered in agent’s eyes. He started sweating. Big bull put the gun on his head.
“You are a dead man now.” He said and pulled the trigger by taking the hit of his hand. The spring of blood started flowing through his hand. He started yelling loudly with fear and one of the men from gang put a cotton plough in his mouth.
“Now, if you are not going to tell me the whole story baby, of course I will make your condition worse than this.” Big bull said coldly by looking towards Shikha. “Tell me the name of the person with whom you have slept?”
There was no option remaining in front of Vinod and Priya other than watching the whole drama. Shikha started moving away from the big bull.
“I don’t know anything. You can kill me if you want but I don’t know anything. ”
Big bull looked towards all of them one by one silently and then said suddenly, “Ok. Kill them all. They are of no use now. We need to catch this Rakesh Mishra.”
Two other men removed the gun and pulled the first hit on agent, before knowing what happened he shot dead on the floor. The fear gathered in all eyes.
“Kill them all.” Big bull yelled again and moved towards the door to open it. But he didn’t need to take the efforts. Somebody already there on the door waiting for him. A bullet took the straight hit of the big bull’s head and he has fallen down on the ground. Two other men moved immediately behind the cages. Shikha sat down on the ground with unconscious mind. She has never seen this much blood in her life.
“Shikha, get up from there.” Vinod yelled immediately but a bullet already took shot of her back. She cried loudly and fell down on the ground.  Now the firing started from both the sides. The bullet started taking the shots from different angles. But the outsiders were looking stronger and finally they succeeded in killing both the men behind the cages.
Then they slowly moved towards Priya and Vinod. One of them held the gun on Vinod and another one pulled Priya out of cage and kissed her intensely. She tried to push him away but he clutched her back in his both hands and then suddenly his hands moved away from the back and came on the front side of her body. He tore down her silk shirt within a jerk and pushed her on the ground.
“No, Stop.” Vinod cried out loudly “Leave the girl. I can be helpful if you are looking for Rakesh Mishra.”
The man moved towards him and smiled wickedly
“How are you going to help us?”
“I know Rakesh Mishra personally and I think you guys are in the same darkness as I am. If you want to find the whole business, give me two days. I can do it without making any fuss.”
 The man thought for a while and said
“Ok. I will leave both of you but remember if you try to make any smart move you will be dead.”


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