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                                                                                                          CHAPTER 7

“Thanks a lot Vinod.” Said Priya by looking in Vinod’s eyes “How mad I am? I should not be involved in this whole thing. ” Vinod saw few drops gathered in her eyes.
“That’s all right. Now you are safe.” He said by giving a coffee mug to her.
“Hmm…I think so.” she said silently. Vinod went up to the window of living room and slightly removed the curtain.
“They are still there.” He said by observing the place outside the window. “I think they are going to follow us everywhere.”
“Who are these guys and what they want, Vinod?”                                                                                        
 “I don’t know but it seems to be a pretty dangerous business. But that’s not a problem for the time being. The real problem is I don’t know Rakesh Mishra. ”
“What? But…” she exclaimed
“I have lied.” He said and smiled. “It was just a gamble to save you.”
Her eyes got blanked. She kept the coffee mug on the table and came up to him and touched his cheek by her lips.
“This is for what?” he said blankly
“Just for the sake of good luck.” She said and went away from him.
“Wait…” said Vinod by looking carefully at her face. She looked at him with a question mark.
“I need your help.” He said by coming close to her. She can feel the warmth of his body.
“What are you thinking?” she said by looking into his eyes. Her heartbeats started running fast.
“I have a plan.” He said by holding her arms and sitting her down on the sofa “Look, this Rakesh Mishra has done some dirty business by making a video with the help of this Shikha and the unknown man with whom she has slept. Now, if we consider the Rasika’s death is not accidental but a murder and also the attacks on me in the same line of business then in these attacks somewhere Rakesh Mishra is involved. It may be possible that Rasika has found out something that is so deadly that it took her life and these people who are following us are also in search of same thing. May be they are looking like two rival gangs as they have tried to kill each other. ”
“Yes may be it is possible but how are we going to open the mouth of Rakesh Mishra?” she said
“Now think what will happen if they found out a video of Rasika saying that she is alive and is in need of money. She will open all their secrets otherwise. We will catch them at some place and will try to open their mouth with the help of Rasika.”
“But she is dead.” She said with a confusing look.
“Yes. But you exactly look like her; just need to change few things and you will be she.” He said by showing a pic of Rasika from his mobile. Priya got stunned by looking at photograph but suddenly she became silent.
“I know I am staking your life and it’s not fair. But I think this is the plan of destiny. Last decision is yours.” He said and got up from the sofa. She looked towards him for a while.
“Wait…” she said by holding his hand “I don’t know why I trust you but I have never seen a man who is staking his life for someone who is already dead.”
Vinod looked towards her face, beautiful and innocent; he remembered Rasika and he felt that water is gathering in his eyes. He immediately moved towards the door. She gazed at his back with empty eyes.


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