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                                                                                                          CHAPTER 8

It was bad morning for Rakesh Mishra. He has just arrived in his highly lavish office in suburban Mumbai and the parcel of terror has got received on his table. His secretary has handed the parcel in his hands saying that I think you should have a look into this. He looked towards her, her dark blue mini skirt with red shirt was perfect fit over her highly curvy body but her high make up face has become quite faint.
“What is it? Have you checked it.” He asked while taking the sip of coffee and opened the parcel.
“Yes. I thought it was a general portfolio of girls but it is something different.” She said fearfully
He looked towards her and then to the DVD from the parcel.
“Ok. You can go now.” He said
He put the DVD in his laptop and played it. Within next five minutes he felt that he has sat on a hot burner and was going to burst at any time. For another five minutes he just sat in his chair without doing anything. Then he immediately called his secretary and told her
“Forget what you have seen and heard” his voice was deadly serious “I want to see you in the office tomorrow. Understood? ”
“Yes sir.” She said by making her throat wet
“Don’t speak a word” he warned again “You may go now.”
Then he immediately dialed a number from his mobile.
“Hello Dr. Shinde?”
“Yes speaking?” a voice came from other side.
“How are you going to make it, I don’t know but you will be here in my office within next twenty minutes and don’t ask me any question for god sake.”
“Yes.” Dr. Shinde spoke without asking a further word of question. 

Dr. Shinde left the house immediately after the call. He was thinking what the hell has happened now? Why Rakesh Mishra called me? Oh god, please save me. I have done a big mistake of my life. He remembered that night. He never used to attend any page three parties but that night Sawant  sir invited him personally for the party. After performing a major heart surgery successfully, he was recruited as a family doctor of Sawant  and he was serving for the minister from last two years. A personal visit to minister’s house has made close relationship with him. Sawant’s influence as a minister was not only in the state level politics but at national level also, he has provided enough shock ups to the government by forming the separate party.
The party was on the occasion of his daughter’s successful debut in the state level politics. It was big and was involved with well-known persons from corporate sector to the entertainment industry and from sports to politics.
Doctor was busy in observing the people few known, well known and unknown. He lifted a glass of wine from the server’s plate and started enjoying the drink and a voice from the backside broke his silence.
“And you must be Dr. Shinde? Right?” He looked towards the voice, a man around six feet tall, complete white with colored hairs wearing a completely flashy suit and was looking like a perfect gentleman with his big glasses and small eyes.  
“Yes. How do you know me?” doctor asked with amusement by taking a sip of wine from the glass.
“Well, you may don’t know me but you must have seen my sister before.” Said the man by pointing finger towards one of the lady. Doctor glanced towards the lady. Then he remembered after a while
“Oh Sarita Dixit, is she your sister?”
“Yes the elder one and myself Rakesh Mishra.”
“Oh ok. How is she doing?”
“Yes, she is doing well. Actually I am here to thank you for all the efforts you have taken for her valve replacement surgery. ” He said gracefully “Unfortunately I was out of country at the time of her surgery so not able to meet you.”
“Oh, thanks a lot. That is my duty. By the way what you do?”
“Well, I have my little money engaged in Lakme, you know.” He said while smiling
“Oh I see.” Said doctor
“Doctor, we have a small party next week, my sister would be glad if you be able to join… ”
“Well, I can’t give you a word but…”
“I insist doc…” Rakesh said while smiling and putting the hand on doctor’s shoulder.
Doctor never thought at that time, that it was a trap and the party was not normal but a hard core with lots of sex and drugs. He spent that night by wrapping his lust over the midlife crisis and next day he paid the cost for that. A video tape containing his last night fun was received to doctor by Rakesh Mishra himself in his clinic.


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