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                                                                                                        CHAPTER 9

“What do you mean by this?” doctor has got a shock and his body was shivering
Rakesh Mishra looked towards the doctor, then removed his spectacle and cleared the glasses with handkerchief and adjusted it neatly on his eyes. Suddenly, the telephone bell on the doctor’s desk rang.
“Pick up the call.” Said Rakseh by smiling wickedly “It’s for you.” Doctor put up the receiver. Few drops of sweat gathered on his head.
“Sir, somebody Janardan Dixit wants to meet you.”
“Janardan Dixit?” Doctor said by stressing on his memory
 “Let him in.” Rakesh said  
“Ok. Send him inside.” Doctor said hesitantly
A middle aged man wearing sophisticated formals, with wide face and grown moustaches and beard got inside. He has worn wide black spec over his small eyes which were giving him a quite intelligent look.
“Hello Doctor Shinde” he said with a pleasant smile and making gesture for handshakes. Doctor remembered the man.
“Are you Sarita’s husband I guess.” Said doctor by looking towards his hand
“Yes. You have a very strong memory doctor.”  He said while taking his hand back and sitting on the chair next to Rakesh. Doctor narrowed his eyes and observed both of them carefully.
“What the hell you want?”
“Well, let me tell you something interesting like the stories in my newspaper” Janardan said while lighting his cigar and smiled again “I know I am in clinic and smoking is injurious to health. But you know doctor; this tape will cause more injury to your personal and professional life. ” His eyes glittered wickedly.  “Now listen carefully, I am damn bloody journalist and I have a plan to sting minister. You are going to be a part of my plan.”
“Do you mean Sawant sir?” said Doctor with fearful voice.
“Yes, smart doctor.”
“No. I am not going to be involved in your dirty business.” Doctor said while standing from his chair.
“You shouldn’t act like a fool, doc. I have just said you smart. Listen, this is not a dirty business. In fact I am going to find out the roots of a dirty business which is going on with the help of your minister.”
“What do you mean?” asked doctor.
“Lots of big bucks are involved. Few biggies from ING corp. are helping Ibrahim’s gang to smuggle the petrol and diesel to Dubai. In a way they are making lots of black money through these deals. In fact Sawant is pressurizing them for this business. He has big plans. He wants to make virtual hike in petrol and diesel prices which will affect the country’s economy and will cause the direct effect on under performance of current prime minister. He thinks that he will be the next definite candidate for the seat of prime minister. ” said Janardan without taking a single breath.
“What you want me to do?” said doctor by giving a confusing look towards both of them. Janardan smiled and took another puff of cigarette.
“Your daily visits to Sawant’s house are helpful. We have found out that Sawant makes calls to Ibrahim and biggies in ING corp. for the deals through mobile which is kept in his bedroom. One of the members from his party has confirmed the news. Anyone has not approached till this time up to his bedroom and that is causing a problem. But this will not be a problem for you doc, right?” he smiled “You are going to find out the color, model of the mobile and will be going to replace it with a similar mobile having a software to record and air the conversation at particular distance. That’s it.”
“And what will happen if I get caught, I will be dead within next few minutes, Right?” Doctor said immediately
“Doc, you are going to hang yourself if this video tape will go public.” Said Janardan by taking the tape from Rakesh Mishra. Doctor has no other option without accepting the deal.

He parked the car near the Rakesh’s office and entered in his cabin. Rakesh has sat on his seat by testing his patience. As doctor entered inside he said eagerly
“Close that door and have a look at this bloody video.” Doctor closed the door and watched the video. His mouth got paralyzed for few minutes.
“Something has gone wrong. Be careful and pack your bags for some foreign vacations. I don’t want you to be in country.”  Rakesh said by looking towards the video.
“But that girl is dead, right?” asked doctor by taking handkerchief from his pocket and rubbed slowly on his face.
“Yes. My men had confirmed the news that she has been dead next day only…after the death of Janardan. ”
“Then how is she appearing now?”
“I don’t know…”
“You should know that if she is going to open her mouth, our chapter will be close forever.” Doctor has become angry. Rakesh looked towards him. He has never seen doc before like this.
“Calm down…just don’t get excited.” Rakesh said by standing from his chair “Now it’s time to obtain the things. Don’t worry doc, I will take care of this. Plan your vacations…” He opened the door of his cabin “You can go now…”
Then he dialed a number from his mobile…



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