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                                                                                                       CHAPTER 10

“They are coming…” Priya said by looking towards the entrance of the hotel. She has sat opposite to Vinod. Three men entered in the hotel. 
“Hello…pleasure to meet you again…” the same one who earlier has tried to seduce Priya, said while smiling wickedly and looking in Priya’s eyes “Earlier I have not introduced myself, my name is Shekhar Sinha.” He moved his hand to shake with Vinod. Vinod ignored it.
“Your hunt will be here at any time so don’t waste the time and sit on that front chair” he said “I will be there on the back seat.”
“Ok as you wish.” He said by pointing his two men to move towards the chairs. Then Vinod also moved to the back seat. It was 12:30 pm in the afternoon. The small hotel was owned by Shekhar Sinha himself so he has managed to empty the hotel and planted his men around.  
“Have you checked outside?” Sinha asked one of the men who sat on the front seat “Shetty’s men are hazardous. They will definitely try to mess up the things. ”
“Our 20 men are outside… ” the other man said coldly.
“Hope so this Rakesh Mishra will not be a much problematic animal…” Sinha murmured to himself. Finally, Mishra entered in the hotel. He looked around; Priya pointed him towards her table. He went there and sat down.
“Welcome Mr. Mishra…” Sinha got up from his seat by holding the gun in hand. “Don’t try to move these are all my men around…”
Mishra removed his glasses and cleared it slowly with handkerchief.
“Oh so it’s a trap…” he said and smiled
“Yes we have invited you to tell us the whole story…let’s start from this girl Rasika…”
“Sure. But before that you guys must know Janardan Dixit, right?” he said calmly “Yes, the same one whom you have killed a month before.”
“What about him?” Sinha asked suspiciously.
Mishra told them the whole business Janardan has done with the help of him and Doctor Shinde.
“Oh so we have done a mistake by killing Janardan?” Sinha said
“Yes a very big mistake… ” Mishra said sarcastically
“What do you mean?” Sinha asked confusingly
“After Janardan obtained those recordings, he was on the way to his home. He was talking to me on his mobile. Then suddenly he said I will call you back, someone else is calling me. But afterwards he didn’t call and after few hours I have got news that he is dead. I have obtained the call list. Rasika was that girl who has called him exactly before his death but she is also dead now.”
“And where are the recordings?” Sinha asked with a little shaky voice
“Earlier when I have got this video saying Rasika is alive, I thought she has recordings with her and that’s why I have come here if she really has anything… ”
“So you mean to say recordings are not with you?”  Suddenly the monster gathered in Sinha’s eyes.
“Of course not…we have searched everywhere in her house but not got anything.”
“So you are of no use rather a little dangerous one if you open your mouth, right Mishra?” said Sinha while clutching his jaws with teeth and made the holding on his gun tight.
“No…don’t do that mistake again…I already thought of this so before I have told you the whole story; I have repeated it earlier to Shetty and agreed to help them in obtaining the recordings and to tell you they are really skillful guys they have obtained all your plan and now the men around you are now Shetty’s men. So it’s trap not for me but for you guys. ”
Then suddenly the men around Sinha pulled their guns out and one of them took the gun from Sinha’s hand.
“Come on, all are moving outside now…” Mishra ordered. Priya, Vinod and Sinha started moving outside. There were the guns on everyone’s head. Few further steps and Vinod’s leg crossed with Mishra’s, before he knew what happened he fell down on the ground. The man who kept the gun on Vinod’s head got distracted; Vinod jerked him, took the gun from his hands and put it on Mishra’s head. The man who held the Sinha pulled the trigger but he missed the target; Vinod moved downwards and fell on the ground, within next second he hit the man straight in the head. Sinha jerked that man and back down to take his gun, within this time Vinod targeted the man holding Priya and immediately moved below a table. Sinha fired on him but got saved by the table, Vinod fired two bullets and Sinha shot dead on the ground.       
Mishra tried to run outside the hotel but Vinod ran over him and shot a punch on his mouth and held the gun on his head. Outside around twenty Shetty’s men entered inside by hearing the shots of bullets.
“No more bullets or he will be dead” said Vinod by looking towards the men. Then he turned to Mishra
“Get up and move towards the car…come on Priya…”  
“No one will fire… ”
Mishra cried loudly and moved towards the car with Vinod and Priya. Vinod ran the car immediately away from the hotel.
“Mishra, I will give you the recordings but I need the assurance from you that Shetty’s men will not disturb me or Priya ever after.”
Priya and Mishra looked towards the Vinod.
“What? recordings are with you?” Mishra exclaimed
“Yes but not here. I will give you the recordings within next three days till that time I need protection from your men so that Ibrahim’s men should not attack on me again.” Vinod said calmly
“But where are the recordings?”
“Chennai. Your men will be coming with me there.”
“What? It’s in Chennai…How do you know?”
“Don’t ask too many questions.” Vinod stopped the car “Get out and meet me at airport with your men.”
“Ok…” Mishra got out with confused face.
Vinod turned towards Priya. “Priya, you will be disappearing now. We are moving towards airport first…I will inform my manager in Trichi office. He will take care of your accommodation.”
“But Vinod…what about you?”
“Don’t worry about me” He smiled and kept his hand on her cheek “You are looking beautiful…”  She smiled.
“Take care Vinod…”


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