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                                                                                                          CHAPTER 11

“Morning dad…” said Vinod by getting out of his room.
“Morning…” Dad said by turning his head towards Vinod, adjusted his glasses then again turned his head towards laptop. “Your coffee is on dining table…”
“So you like Venice?” Vinod asked while smiling and taking the coffee from the table.
“Vinod, I thought of your honeymoon with a beautiful girl in Venice…and you are spending your time with an old man who only knows about how to do business… 
“Dad…” Vinod smiled and sat on the sofa besides him “What you reading on laptop?”
“The same story, look what they are saying in newspaper. J.D. murder case has taken grip. Around one and half month ago the famous crime reporter J.D. (Janardan dixit) has been killed on the way to his home in Malad west. Few men on bike killed him on the road by firing the bullets. The police have suspected earlier that it was a murder done by the Ibrahim’s gang. J.D. has tried to reveal, many times before, the clichés of underworld and this murder was done in the same line of business. Now police has caught a journalist Priya Sharma for providing the information related to J.D. to Ibrahim’s gang. She has confessed everything that she has planned the murder with the help of her boyfriend, Shekhar Sinha who has connections with Ibrahim’s gang, recently got killed in a gang war.” 
“Great…” Vinod smiled while taking the sip of coffee.
“But Vinod how you suspected where the recordings were?”
“When Mishra told us that Janardan has got a call from Rasika on his way to home and after that he has been killed within an hours’ time…what could he has done before his death…He must have explored the location of the recordings to Rasika…how? By sending an SMS…Fortunately the day before Rasika’s death she has forgotten her mobile at my place…So after sending Priya to Trichi, I have come to home and checked the mobile. There was an SMS where Janardan has mentioned the locker number, location of keys and bank where he has kept the recordings.  Now the question arises why Janardan has trusted Rasika. Two answers. One, Rasika may have informed Janardan that there is plan of his murder. Second, he suspected that Mishra will misuse the recordings. After hearing that he is going to kill, he immediately gave the number of Shikha Batra to Rasika and told her to move to her place because he already suspected the danger in the near future.  But unfortunately she came to me and stayed there for a day and next day got killed.”
“And how do you suspected Priya?”
“While I was leaving from the home by taking Rasika’s mobile, the Mistress from her orphanage center came. She has given me the photographs of inauguration ceremony. I have taken it and kept it in the bag and then moved towards the bank to obtain the recordings.  Mishra’s men were on my track but this time I have baffled them and pretended that I am moving to Chennai and after half an hour took the Plane to Delhi. While I was travelling, just checked the photographs and suddenly one photograph took my attention. At one corner there was a girl looking like Rasika…when I saw it carefully found that she was Priya…Then I have got the whole mystery. If Priya was there in that ceremony she must be knowing Rasika then why she hided?…That evening after the ceremony Rasika told me that she is going to publish the news of Orphanage center in newspaper. Actually, she has gone next day to meet Priya for the news but afterwards, as Priya told to Police, that she was chalking out the plan to kill J.D. with her boyfriend and Rasika heard their whole plan and moved out from her home immediately and told the whole thing to J.D. afterwards. But after hour or two Priya found out that Rasika was at her home at the time of their planning so they killed her very next day.”        
“And why they have tried to kill you?”
Vinod smiled.
“That evening you have sent me on date with Priya, you have actually arranged my date with death. They wanted to kill me much before after they got that Rasika may have told me about the murder of J.D.…but I was moved out of country after her death so they have made a plan. Priya’s dad called you for my marriage and I have agreed to come to India to meet her. That evening itself they have tried to kill me but fortunately I have survived. Afterwards when I was finding the reason behind the murder of Rasika, each time I have taken the help of Priya so she got my every plan, the conversation with Shikha in the hotel at that time she was there, afterwards when Shetty’s gang kidnapped us she was the one who called Shekhar Sinha. They rescued me because they have found that they have done a mistake by killing Rasika and there are more things remained unexplored regarding J.D. and I was the one who promised them to help them out to come out of their darkness.  Priya was every time with me, damn girl…I should have think it twice before trusting a girl… ”
“Yes you should…and why you moved to Nepal?”
“Because of my and your Visa for Italy…it took time…and Shetty and Ibrahim’s men were on my hunt. I have given the recordings to party president itself. Lady was so kind and helpful, she was from Italy so helped us to plan our long vacations to Venice. She will take care of Sawant and Rakesh Mishra, informed CBI about how to use them…”  
 “Yes. Very kind one” Dad smiled “those recordings, It was like a hunter came in her hand whenever Sawant will try to annoy her she will raise it… Anyways…”
Dad got up from his seat.
“Can you please bring my coat here?” he said “I am going out on a date…One Italian girl in the market has invited me for dinner…”
“Dad…” Vinod smiled
“What?” he looked towards Vinod with strange eyes “You plan yours...I am not going to plan it next time…”
“Be careful dad…” Vinod smiled while blinking his eyes and handed the coat.
“Yes, yes I will…I am your father son… ”

                                                           THE END


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