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1.4 Astavakra Geeta - Chapter 1 Verse 4 - Resting in consciousness

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Chapter 1 Verse 4 - Resting in consciousness 

If you detach yourself from the body and rest in consciousness, you will become content, peaceful and free from bondage immediately . ॥1.4॥

        Very powerful verse. In the last verse we have seen - What we are? . Since we have misunderstanding about us, our nature, most of the time we are body conscious or mind conscious. We identify ourself with Body and Mind and we mistaken about it as our real self. The logic of ourself as body and mind is  - if body and mind do not exist we can't exist. If we apply the same logic - if air does not exist, particularly oxygen, can we say we are air. If nature does not exist then air does not exist and our body and mind can't exist. Then by our definition we are nature. If whole universe doesn't exist nature can't exist and leading to non existence of air, non existence of our body and mind too. Then with this logic we are universe. If the ultimate truth, the universal mind, the universal intelligence, the consciousness does not exist then also universe, nature, air and ultimately our body and mind does not exist. Therefore we can say we are the ultimate truth, the non-dual God, the consciousness. 

            Not only body and mind, for that matter, if we identify with anything that is mortal, that is made from five elements air, earth, water, space and fire we can't be happy, we can't be content. Most of the time  other than body and mind people identify with their property, their relationships. And since all these are diminishable they can't be happy. 

               One interesting thing we may have noticed about our nature is that we are able to identify with anything in this world, in this universe. The reason being we are the world, we are the universe, including consciousness. In fact everything is consciousness in different forms -like body, mind, property, relationship etc. Therefore if we rest in everything or consciousness there is nothing left to identify with and since happiness is the nature of consciousness we becomes happy. 

                Now the fact said above that everything is consciousness may not be digested easily. But here we will try to prove that how consciousness is everything. If we are listening carefully to some voice, that is we are conscious about the voice, in this case even if our eyes are open we are not able to see the things right before our eyes. If we are observing something carefully, that is we are conscious about a thing which we are observing, we are unable to listen the voices in the surrounding. If we are thinking of something, that is, if we are conscious about some thought, even if our eyes are open we are not able to see anything. Or even if our ears are open we are not able to here anything. The same is true for all the senses like smell, touch,  taste etc. In short if we are not conscious about something, it is equivalent to - "the thing does not exist for us for that time". It comes into being after shifting of consciousness to that thing. The same is true for everything in the world except consciousness itself. Therefore we can say everything is made up of consciousness. 

        Once we are convinced with the fact that we are consciousness, we will stop identifying with the body, mind, property, relationships, which all are diminishable. If we identify with diminishable thing, we will consider ourself to be diminishable. And always we will carry the fear of diminishing. And once we know we are not body and mind we will identify with consciousness and since consciousness is not diminishable the fear of diminishing, the most common fear, will disappear automatically. And once the fear is disappeared we will become happy, content, peaceful and free from bondage. 



This Novel in English

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