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1.5 - Astawakra Geeta - Chapter 1 Verse 5 - Formless

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Chapter 1 Verse 5 - Formless

You do not belong to 'Brahman' or any other caste, you do not belong to 'Celibate' or any other stage, nor are you anything that the eyes can see. You are unattached, formless and witness of everything - so be happy . ॥5॥

        The color, caste, religion etc discriminative systems are made by human beings. We don't belong to these systems. These systems are made by some of the  human beings to exploit others, to rule others. And these systems have very high impact on human psyche. On spiritual path these systems  acts as obstacles, hurdles for most of the human beings. Right from the birth we are directly or indirectly are trained with this discrimations. It takes considerable efforts mentally to dissolve these conditionings. 

        As said in one of the previous verses we are not anything these eyes can see. Moreover we are not anything these minds can think. Because these form seen by eyes and thought by minds are made up from five elements earth, water, air, fire and space. 

        If we are the thing (for convenience of addressing lets call it thing) which can't be seen by eyes or can't be thought by mind then, what remains is formless. We are formless. 

       We are not celibate also the system also imposed by human beings on themselves. 

            We are unattached, because the function of attachment is done by mind. If we are that which can't be thought by mind we must be unattached, because attachment is a thought or group of thoughts. We are formless since we can't be seen by eyes and we are witness of everything. Because witness has least involvement in what is happening around him. And once there is detachment, there is liberation. And when there is liberation there is happiness. This way we can be happy. 

This Novel in English

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