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1.6 Astavakra Geeta - Chapter 1 Verse 6 - right or wrong

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Chapter 1 Verse 6 - right or wrong

Righteousness, unrighteousness, pleasure and pain are connected with the mind and not with the all-pervading you. You are neither the doer nor the reaper of the actions, so you are always almost free . ॥1.6॥

        What is right and what is wrong, what is pleasure, and what is pain/suffering - all are concepts created by human mind. This has nothing to do with the all pervading God, the all pervading us.

        A same action may be right under certain circumstances and it may be wrong in other circumstances. This notion of right and wrong is created by human mind and human society. To give an example; killing a person is murder and is punishable offence. But the same act in war is acceptable  and in fact rewardable. What makes it right or wrong is the mindset - the mind. 

        Of course, we have certain set of rules, with which we have to abide by, which we call as law of land. So it is been never suggest to break the law of land. Laws are made for welfare of the society. 

        There are certain unwritten rules, which are imposed on us by society. The are mostly set by one set of people to exploit or rule the other set of society. There is no straight logic or rule to follow such rules are not. Depending upon the situation present at that time we mostly decide whether to follow these rules or not. 
          Sometimes certain rules are broken by us unknowingly. In such cases, first of all we find a way to correct these mistakes if possible. If not possible, shall we feel guilty about that; absolutely not! 

           The crux of this verse is that the rules are formed by the society for themselves, and if any rule is not hurting anybody we c an break the rule. It is not necessary to comply with it for the sake of compliance. 

            This attitude gives us the freedom, a mental freedom, in which we can prosper mentally and spiritually. 
            The statement that there is no "doer" and there is no "reaper" has very deep meaning. Its an attitude of non-expectation. While doing something if there is "doer" (in the form of an ego) or there is "reaper" (in the form of an ego) the work can never give us happiness. There will always an anxiety of fulfilling or failing wile doing that work. And thus we will not be able to enjoy that work. No "doer" no "reaper" is the most effective attitude during undergoing any work. It gives us immense happiness and freedom. 




This Novel in English

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