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1.11 - Astavakra Geeta - Chapter 1 Verse 11 - What you think you are that.

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Chapter 1 Verse 11 - What you think you are that. 

If you think you are free you are free. If you think you are bound you are bound. It is rightly said: You become what you think. ॥11॥

    Mind is very powerful, it can positively affect us or negatively. When we are in negative zone, mostly it affects negatively. It is the conditioning of mind which prevents our spiritual growth. And its the mind through which we work upon our conditionings and make ourself ready for spiritual growth. 

    As far as freedom is concerned, its the mind which binds as well as which sets us free. In vedas knowledge is considered as obstacle for realisation as well as it is knowledge which sets us free. To understand the role of knowledge in our spiritual growth an example of thorn is given. To remove a thorn we have to use thorn. Once the thorn is removed the thorn which is removed and the thorn which is used to remove it, both are useless, we have to get rid of both of them. The thorn which is pricked is responsible for our sufferening and the thorn which is used to remove it is used to remove the pricked one and ultimately to console us.

    In fact when our thoughts are limited, ie they belong to the ego, they are harmful and the thoughts which does not belong to the ego, they are impersonal, are useful in setting us free. Therefore it is mostly misunderstood that we have to get rid of mind or thought. We are here not to get rid of the thoughts, but to get rid of the entity, which we call as an ego. We are here to expand the horizones of our thoughts, horizons of our mind, making mind to realise that it is in fact unlimited, and it is its misunderstanding to consider itself as limited one. Its our journey from personal mind to impersonal or universal mind. 

    The misconceptions conceived by ego mind, we have to resolve thouse misconceptions by universal mind. Therefore when the mind thinks I am bounded, its the ego mind which thinks. When we think we are free it is impersonal or universal mind, which does not belong to anybody or any entity. 


This Novel in English

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