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Visual Multiplication Tables - An innovative way to learn multiplication tables...

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Now available as free Android App on Google Play!

VisualXTables makes multiplication tables learning easy - in fact it makes learning - a fun!

How? Why? - There is a well known principle behind it.

It is proven fact that - Mind remembers things in visual forms. i,e Things are stored in mind by associating images to their raw forms.

To give an example - If one wants to remember the surname "Maxwell". It is difficult to remember it in its raw form. But if we associate it with "Maximum Wellness"; it is easily remembered. In our mind  "Maxwell" is stored in terms of an image of the person with "Maximum Wellness"

Or we can say it reversely  - When mind tries to remember things without visual representation, mind has to take extra efforts to find some Visual form which can be associated with it ...

What if...
...if the visual association is provided explicitly for the things which has no visual representation...?
In that case ...the learning will become easy and effortless... in fact a fun!

To learn Multiplication tables effortlessly, the same principle is used in VisualXTables, by associating colors and shapes to the multiplication tables, so that they can be remembered in terms of the images.

These associations some times are also called as hooks. And if those hooks/associations are meaningful, the learning becomes an automatic process.

Here in this application, we are providing two types of meaningful hooks... two types of meaningful visual associations to learn the tables.

The first meaningful hook/association is of colors. In this association, one color is associated with one digit in the sequence of rainbow as VIBGYOR (for 1 to 7) and Gray, Black and White (for 8,9 & 0). The association is as follows -

      1 = Violet       2 = Indigo
      3 = Blue         4 = Green       
      5 = Yellow      6 = Orange
      7 = Red          8 = Gray
      9 = Black       0 = White

More the number of hooks more easy is the learning process, so that even if one hook is missed the other will work.

Therefore one more hook/association is also provided in this tool.

The second meaningful hook/association is of Shapes. The shapes are associated with each digit in such a way that the shape associated with digit has the corners equivalent to that digit. The shape association is as follows -     

      1 = Balloon which has 1 corner;   2 = Cup which has 2 corners;
      3 = Flower which has 3 corners;   4 = Kite which has 4 corners;
      5 = Spade which has 5 corners;   6 = Hexagon which has 6 corners;
      7 = Hut which has 7 corners;       8 = Dumbbell which has 8 corners;
      9 = Crown which has 9 corners    0 = Ball which has 0 corners

© JSR Creations –  The concept VisualXTables is copyrighted.

Note:- Copy of this concept in any publishable/digital form is copyright infringement, which is very serious and criminal offence allowing court to sentence you for the imprisonment up to 3 years.

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