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Aghast - Horror Suspense Thriller Complete Novel

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Horror, suspense, thriller online English Novel 

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The End
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  1. Hello, I am an experienced filmmaker interested in your project but was unable to find a way to contact you via your ad. Please respond with a proper channel of communication to my email at
    Thank you!

  2. Hello Team,

    as you mentioned in MANDY.COM that you people will be making a movie out of this brilliant Novel, i would be very interested to join in as a Screenplay Writer & Director. currently i am working on development of a T.V. Series and a Feature Film that will go on floor by May end. I have assisted in Features, T.V. ADs and Music Videos and also am a registered writer in Film Writer Association. if you can provide me an email, i can send in my transcripts, resume and other links. I would really wanna make this Movie as this is a Genre that is still not explored genuinely in India.

    - thanks

  3. this is my frst novel ive read!!
    thanks a lot its awesome
    im sure from dis i make my hobby as reading books

  4. Dr. M. Imteyaz AhmadMarch 24, 2010 at 4:53 PM

    i found this site awfully informative. I hope to cruise along with this as much as possible....

  5. to be honest i'm looking forward reading other novels,this site is top notch

  6. hi this site is great

  7. Extreme Love,
    Extreme Thrill,
    Extreme Revenge,

    Exiting turning in the story from the beginning to End.


    Climax was deeply touched.

    Keep going on like this.

    completely was edicted that story.

    Love the Story.


  8. marvelous story.story the end of the story is superb

  9. Hey anyone know if there are ways of buying Novels in Hindi somehow as it seems to be really hard, especially in the UK

  10. fabulous!!! realy

  11. awesome novel..hats of to sunil doiphode..i really loved it !! :)


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