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Online fiction book – Aghast : Ch-21 Where is John?

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Chapter 21

Sam was listening attentively, sitting across from Detective Baker. The story he was telling about John and Nancy had finished long ago. Yet, those present in the room were so moved by it that nobody talked for a while. There was an unnatural silence in the room. 
How could a love story so sincere and so pure end like this?
Everybody had a question on their minds. 
Nancy and Johns love story had touched everybody’s heart. Sam decided to break the silence, controlling his emotions.

“Did John report the crime?”  

“ No”

“Then, how do you know all of this?” Sam asked.

“George Collins, Nancy’s brother reported the crime” Baker replied.

“ But how come he reported the crime... I mean how did he know? Did John meet him?” 

Sam was firing questions, one after the other.

“No. John never met him...’’ Baker said.

“Then how the hell did he know about the killers?”  Now Sam seemed to be getting frustrated in his quest for answers.

“Months before , John had written a letter to Nancy’s brother about this incident. In addition, he had informed him about all four culprits...The brother promptly reported the crime” Baker replied. 

“What was the outcome ?’’ Sam asked.

“The case was investigated but since we couldn't find the dead body or John, who was the only eyewitness, the case was dropped and still remains unsolved” Baker provided him the information.

“Where is John?”

“Nobody knew anything, not even whether he is dead or alive. Even after the incident, he never contacted his home. The biggest question here is that if he is alive, why is he hiding?”

“The reason is clear” Sam’s partner claimed, who was quiet until now.

“ Yes. The reason I brought this case to your attention is that I think John may be involved in all of these murders’’ Baker said.

“ Yes, you are right. His involvement in the murders would make sense. But, how can he enter the crime scene when the place is closed from all sides and how he is killing the victims? This is becoming something of a mystery” Sam said.

 “How did Nancy's brother take the news of the case being dropped?” Sam asked.

“ Badly.... He came here often to follow the progress of the case. In fact, he could have asked everything over the phone... but no... He comes personally... In fact, I felt sorry for him. But what we can do? We have our limitations” Baker expressed his concern about George.

“I think we can add Nancy’s brother to our list of suspects” Sam said.

“ I don’t think so. I think you should meet him. Although he is little crazy, he is a very simple and straight forward person” Baker said.

“ But we should consider him as one of the possible suspects” Sam said. “Until proven otherwise.”

Baker pondered over this and eventually nodded in affirmation. be continued in next post ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes


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1 comment:

  1. Is John behind all these murders,wu knws xcpt SUNIL...HAHA!...
    Perhaps John might b no longr aliv but unabl 2 bear losin hs belovd grlfrnd in such n unxpctd way,he might be left wid no odr options than seekin revnge upn d 4 culprits n maybe he's nw d spirit wu is behind al dz murders???


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