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English Literature - Black Hole CH-34 leave me alone

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This Novel in English

Jacob was sitting on a sofa, stroking Stella’s head, which rested on his shoulder. Stella was very upset since she had known that the piece of the cloth, entangled to the pointed rock in the den, was in fact a piece of Gibson's shirt.

"Don’t loose hope." Jacob tried to console and boost her up.

Stella removed her head from his shoulder and stared at him.

"It was the only hope, I was surviving on." Stella said.

Jacob was also looking into her eyes. The affectionate stare bound them. They slowly came closer, their shivering lips rested on each other's.

At the same time a car stopped in front of Stella’s house. Suzan and Daniel got down the car. They had recently returned from honeymoon, from India. Still with newly married zeal, Suzan and Daniel headed towards Stella’s house.

"Since how many days we are meeting her?" Daniel asked.

"More than a fortnight... probably" Suzan replied.

"I hope there must be some progress in brother’s search." Suzan said with serious tone.

Stella and Jacob were passionately kissing each other. While playing with her body, Jacob started to remove her top. Stella also unbuttoned Jacob’s shirt and kissed his chest. Jacob touched her bare breasts gently at the same time his other hand fiddled with her skirt.

Daniel and Suzan headed toward the house through the garden.

"What Brat was whispering about in the party? ... just slipped out of my mind." Daniel asked remembering the party incidence.

"Nothing special ... He was asking to phone if we get some clue. ...It seems he is suspecting Stella" Suzan said.

"What do you think?" Daniel asked about her opinion.

"Not a question of my thinking.... Brat should find out the truth." Suzan shrugged.

Inside the house Jacob and Stella had removed there all cloths and were kissing each other passionately. Jacob leaned over her, gently. He was eager to unite with her soul and body completely. Suddenly Stella pushed him away and separated him from her.

"Please, just get out of here" She said firmly, trying to be polite at the same time.
Stella covered her nude body. Jacob looked at her with surprise. He was not expecting this.

"Leave me alone..." Stella repeated with her chocked voice.

"Actually, I want to tell you a very important thing." Jacob said grabbing his clothes.

When they were putting on their clothes, the doorbell rang. Both of them looked at the door and hurriedly started to wrap themselves.


Original Novel by - Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Mugdha Apte

This Novel in English

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