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English romantic Novels - ELove : Ch -50 Password

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English romantic Novels - ELove : Ch -50 Password

Atul was taking a round around Vivek, still studying the gun carefully. After completing the round he looked at Vivek with a meaningful stance, as if saying, ' Now you come in the real trap... you just cant escape’ Vivek stood motionless. While walking around him, Atul glanced at his wristwatch, " Still one minute to go "
Atul now went to the bonnet and picked up the mobile.
" Hello... Atul.. hello.. What's' the password... come on... say it quickly... time is almost up..." could be heard on the mobile, which was being spoken
" Inspector... What's the hurry... Don't worry I am going to tell it" Atul said in the phone and aimed the gun at Vivek.

On the other side Anjali, Inspector, Bhatiaji were listening to the conversation going on the mobile, looking still at the counter on the monitor. From the voices on the mobile they could understand that Vivek was in trouble. As if the blinking message ' All the server data and computer Data has been deleted. To recover enter the password' was synchronized with their heartbeats. And the counter showed, --- 0 hrs... 2mins... 10secs. Still Atul was not ready to tell the password. Everybody was worried in their own way. Anjali was worried about Vivek, Bhatiaji was of Company and Inspector was of Vivek and Company both. At last the counter showed -
0 hrs... 0 mins... 50 secs.
"Time is almost up... come on quick’’ Inspector almost cried.
" Wait Inspector... "
0 hrs... 0 mins... 40 secs.
" Wait.. till what... till the data lost?" Inspector said sarcastically.
Bhatiaji put his consoling hand on back to calm him down. If Atul gets annoyed there was possibility of denying him to tell the password.
0 hrs... 0 mins... 30 secs.
" Please... come on quick" Inspector almost pleaded.
" Ask him to release Vivek first" Anjali couldn't stop to speak out.
" And first release Vivek"
0 hrs... 0 mins... 20 secs.
" Which do you want first -- releasing this chap or password" He seemed to take the advantage of the situation.
" First release Vivek" Anjali spoke out.
Atul's cynical laughter could be heard from other side.
0 hrs... 0 mins... 10 secs.
" No Inspector I will tell the password first... how is that?"
" Come on quick" Inspector.
" Yes listen... elove is the password... all small... no space in between"
0 hrs... 0 mins... 3 secs.
The employee sat in front of the computer immediately typed the password.
0hrs... 0mins... 1 secs.
And he pressed 'enter'.
The counter running on the monitor stopped and the message came, '' password correct... recovery started''
Everybody looked around; it was the same message -'' password correct... recovery started'' appeared on all the computers. Except Anjali all present in the hall clapped. They were clapping with happiness as if the satellite was launched and landed successfully on the Mars. But then they stopped clapping suddenly hearing the gun shot sound coming from the still on mobile held in Inspector's hand. Pin drop silence spread in the hall. Anjali collapsed and fell down, not able to withstand the continuous pressure going on since long, and imaging what would have happened to Vivek.

With one hand Atul was speaking on the mobile and with other he held the gun aimed at Vivek. Lastly, when there were almost 5 seconds to go, he told the password on mobile - " Yes listen... elove is the password... all small... no space in between"
Atul again placed the on mobile on the bonnet and started to pull the gun's trigger.
" Wait.. you are doing a big mistake.." Some how Vivek managed to speak.
" Mistake?... it's you... it's because of you... after this I have to enter the underworld... But for that I need eligibility... Ask which one?... at least one murder... And I am going to acquire it now.." Atul said and pulled the trigger immediately.
There was a big bang and bits of blood and flesh were thrown at the window glasses of the car standing aside.

... contd..


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