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Romantic suspense thriller Novels - ELove : Ch-44 Good News

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Romantic suspense thriller Novels - ELove : Ch-44 Good News

It was around midnight; Alex was sitting in his dark room, doing something on the computer. Whatever luminosity was there in the room, it was because of the glowing monitor. Illuminated by the monitor light, Alex's ruthless face appeared more monstrous. Alex was operating the computer as per whatever little he learnt from Atul, when there was a firm knock on the door. Alex got up.
He thought. It was time for his friends to come. This time they used to assemble, chitchat and used to have drinks. These days as Alex's pockets were overflowing and generous, the count of his friends coming to him was increased.
" Who the hell it is?" He opened the door in haughtiness.
And the color of his face faded, haughtiness on his face disappeared. Inspector Kawaljeet along with his 5-6 team members were standing in the door. Two of them were not in uniform. Before he could think of some trick, they almost attacked and arrested him.
" What did I do?" He asked, trying to be innocent.
As nobody reacted to his argument, he asked again,
" Why did you arrest me... will you speak something?"
Still nobody responded.
" You can’t arrest an innocent man t his way.... It's a crime by law.." He said, raising his voice.
Still nobody was ready to speak, so he said in irritation,
" Why did you arrest me?"
" You will come to know soon" One of the team member said with sarcastic low tone.
Alex shrugged carelessly, brought as many innocent expressions as possible on his face, and observed their activities. One of the strong police team members handcuffed him and took him in. Rest of the team members spread in the house to have a close search. The two, who were not in uniform, were computer experts. They immediately took the charge of the computer. As the computer was already on and logged, the efforts to make criminal to disclose about the password or to break the password were saved. Searching around in the house, the team members at last assembled around the computer. One of the computer experts informed Inspector,
" Sir there is nothing worthy in it"
" As well as in the house" One of the team members of the search team added.
" To find.. there should be something... I think you are in the wrong house" Alex interrupted.
" Again look around carefully... and if the hard disk is formatted, use our recovery tools" Inspector instructed.
" Yes sir" One of the experts said.

Some of the team members still were searching around in the house. One of the team members came in the computer room, carrying a briefcase. He opened the briefcase, to find nothing but the usual hosiery items. He removed the items, to find if anything is hidden under or within it. But there was nothing.
" Come on... search each nook and corner of the house" Inspector said to boost up his disappointed team.
" Yes sir" the team member said, and again went inside.
" Sir we got it" Computer expert said in enthusiasm.
Most the team members assembled around the computer abandoning their search and looked at the monitor in anticipation. The senior computer expert opened a computer file, probably recovered by using the recovery tools. It was a photograph of Anjali and Vivek making out, sent by the blackmailer to Anjali in his initial threatening mail. Now Inspector looked at Alex, with meaningful angry stance. The innocent expressions on Alex's face were steamed out. He lowered his head in surrender. Inspector signaled his team member to carry him in the jeep outside. The team member took him out. Alex followed him without any resistance.
As Alex went out, Inspector dialed his mobile,
" Anjali Good news..."

... contd..


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