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Ch-1: A horrified Scream. ( Free Novels - Aghast )

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Horror, suspense, thriller online English Novel 

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It was a dark gloomy night. It seemed like it had rained cats and dogs, just few hours ago. And now, everywhere around in the atmosphere cricket’s chirping sound could be heard. A dog's bark echoed in thick night air, seeming to come from nowhere and everywhere all at the same time. 

A lavish bungalow was standing in isolation from rest of the town locality. On a huge tree, near the bungalow, an owl soaked in the rain water, sat. Its penetrating flitting eyes moved around and settled on a bedroom window through which the light was coming out. It was the only window of the bungalow which was illuminating, as rest of the lights in the bungalow were off. Suddenly a group of pigeons, sat at the window for shelter, flied off fluttering their wings in fear, probably sensing the presence of somebody at the window. Since the window glasses were opaque and black in color, the interior of the room was not visible.

Was there some invisible being present at the window? 

And if yes  ... Was it trying to enter in? 

But the window seemed to be latched tight from inside.

In the bedroom a silhouette could be seen slept in the bed.  As the silhouette turned around in sleep its face turned to other side. Therefore it was not possible to make out who it was, even a male or female? On the bedside table a round glass spectacle was kept, probably the person slept on the bed would have removed it before going to bed. 

All around in the bedroom bottles of wine, news papers, magazines were spread clumsily around. In spite of all the carelessness one care was taken in particular that the bedroom door was closed and latched neatly from inside. The one and the only one window of the bedroom was also closed and latched tight as it was an AC room. Again the figure slept turned around, bit uneasily, this time turning its face to make it visible. He was Steven Smith, around 25-26, thin build, some sparse stubbles visible on his face,  eyes surrounded with round black spots formed by the spectacle. Now the being present in the room   started to approach Steven slowly and steadily. Steven might have sensed its presence, even in the sleep, because the next moment, suddenly, he got up startled. Whatever it was was standing right in front of him, ready to attack. A thick tint of fear crept over Steven’s face, he was trembling, sweating and was panting within fractions of second. Before he could react, it attacked him without giving him a second chance.  A helpless, horrified scream spread all around. And then it was silence again all over... as it was before. 

... continued  ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes


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  1. fabulous novel. eagerly waiting for the climax

  2. A thumping horrifying beginning . Excellent..

  3. Had seen a posting on for the requirement of film crew for a hindi version of 'Agahst'. I would like to know more details about the project. Please contact me at

  4. A horrifying begining

  5. good in descripting...

  6. good start i am rememebringing my nostiligia . let's what would happen next

  7. great plot and portrait of story

  8. It is very nice and interesting to read, full of excitement in every pages.

  9. Hmm...after reading the 1st chapter I m gripped by d fear of having nightmares tonight ...!

  10. cant be patient 2 read the second chapter...

  11. Just started reading ... Let us see .. Ajun kya kya hote phudhe ...

  12. i just read this novel. very interesting and easy reading. thanks a lot.

  13. hho...suprb iz that invisible????

  14. I want to include that the story does have a chilling start.

  15. I have read it will be my sells open ?


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