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English novel - Aghast : Ch-13 Fight ends up in love

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Chapter 13

Even John and Nancy did not realize that they were attracted to each other and were becoming close. They were experiencing their fight ending up as love. They met whenever they could during college. They met in the library or at break time or straight after college. They didn’t want to waste any opportunity to meet. But everything was going on secretly. They kept their love hidden from others. But how can we say it is a love when it is hidden from others?  

It was late at night. Nancy’s father was restless, as his daughter didn’t return home until now. He was strolling, on edge in the foyer. In fact, he had given her total freedom in the past. But she never behaved as irresponsibly as today. Whenever she used to be late, she used to ring at home. But, today it seemed, she didn’t bother. His gut feeling was telling him that something was serious. 
Did she get caught up in bad company?..
Or trapped in drugs or something like that...
Various thoughts were coming into his mind, when he heard some noise outside. 

A bike stopped at the gate. Nancy got down off the bike from the back seat. She kissed John and headed for the gate. 

From the house window, Nancy’s furious father was looking outside. He was not furious about the fact that his daughter had a boyfriend, but about something else.

Nancy’s father sat on the sofa. In front of him Nancy stood, her head lowered. 

“Don’t you go out with anybody else but bloody Asians?” his stern voice echoed. 

Nancy was not able to speak a single word. When she was trying to gather the nerve to talk, her brother George came in. George Collins was in his thirties, a weird person with an eerie appearance. He stood beside Nancy. Nancy’s head was still lowered. 

As her brother stood by her side, she gathered the courage to speak,                                                                    “John is a nice guy, if you'd only just meet him.”

“Just shut up. I don’t want you to meet him if you want to stay in this house.” Her father warned her with his final decision. 

Nancy’s eyes welled up. She ran from the room, hiding her tears. George sympathetically kept on looking at her.

In the house, nobody dared to argue with the father. George plucked up some courage.

“Don’t you think that was a little harsh? You should listen to what she says, at least take the time to meet him.”

“ I am her father. I know what is good and bad for her. ...And I don’t want her to suffer like you... What happened with you... the Asian girl. Married and left you, grabbing everything she could” George’s father said, going out of the room 

“It’s human nature that defines us, not our color” George said, looking at his father leaving. 

Nancy’s father abruptly stopped at the door.
“And I don’t want you to support her.”

Nancy’s father left. . 

Hiding at the window outside stood some figure, listening to the conversation. As soon as Nancy’s father left the room, the figure left the window immediately. be continued in next post ...

Original Novel by Sunil Doiphode
English Version by Adam Hughes


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  2. What a twist at dz point of d story- Nancy now deeply in Luv wid John wu 1nz kickd n touchd her boobs by mistake much to her dislike!! Interestng,quite interstng*M luvin it...But I hop d Phantom kip himslf out of this affair...kipin my fingrz crosd 4 d next episode!


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